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Digital transformation: Rise of “omnipresent” healthcare experience

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UPDATED 11/20/18

Tech-savvy consumers are living in a world where daily life has been dramatically changed by waves of technology innovation. Today’s connected consumers can perform research, compare options and purchase products and services anytime, anywhere via their mobile devices. They can also remain connected to their personal universe of “things,” homes, cars, health trackers wherever they go. They expect an “omnipresent” healthcare experience, characterized by real-time engagement. In short, the bar for what makes a great consumer experience has been raised dramatically.

Realities of “omnipresent” healthcare experience

The realities of healthcare reform, a shift toward value-based care models and healthcare consumerism are fueling a transformation across the ecosystem. The digital revolution is well underway in healthcare. This is driven by new and existing generations of connected consumers. They are more mobile, technologically sophisticated and want more control over healthcare decisions. Facing rising consumer expectations and a need to do more with less, healthcare providers recognize the benefits of a more connected patient care approach. They are adapting to extend the point of care beyond the four walls of their practice to enable an “omnipresent” healthcare experience.

As the trend of consumerization heats up, the delicate balance between controlling the cost of care while enabling better outcomes for their patient population is accelerating the launch of digital tools to help health plan members manage chronic conditions, encourage wellness initiatives, and locate convenient, cost-effective care and treatment.

Organizations such as Kaiser Permanente and CVS Health, for example, made headlines for doubling down on digital initiatives. This is an effort to empower consumers with the tools and resources they need to better manage their health anytime, anywhere. By extending the point of care beyond traditional settings and facilitating mobile access to medical records, prescription refills, and tools to help consumers improve management of chronic conditions, these organizations have been recognized for their innovative digital engagement strategy and enablement of an omnipresent healthcare experience.

“Omnipresent” healthcare experience

Better patient engagement requires a transformation in the way care is delivered across the ecosystem. But, this is easier said than done as organizations across the ecosystem continue to encounter interoperability challenges and complexities associated with data privacy and access that hinder the delivery of an omnipresent consumer experience.

While the industry recognizes progressing along the digital transformation spectrum will enable positive outcomes for payers, providers and patients, organizations are still struggling to define what it means for their ecosystem. As well as how to plan and budget for it, and what initiatives to prioritize as they enter the next phases of their digital transformation.

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