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Learning More About Finsemble, An Open Financial Terminal From ChartIQ

We are learning more about Finsemble from our partner ChartIQ. Finsemble is a pretty compelling dashboard terminal for visualizing and managing the data you need to stay in tune with financial markets. Their platform lets you integrate with legacy data sources, as well as next-generation API-driven data sources, in a versatile dashboard workspace that lets your team dictate the experience, and work with developers to customize, extend, and make the experience seamless with your existing systems and services.

What ChartIQ is providing with Finsemble reflects what we are looking to power with our streaming event-driven technology, and provides a pretty compelling opportunity for us to integrate the valuable data sources we are aggregating as part of our API Gallery work. Providing us with a workbench environment for us to help our customers build, organize, evolve, and visualize the data they manage in their back-end systems, and depend on from a variety of 3rd party API providers. Acting as a platform for redefining your legacy workflows, maximize your existing 3rd party relationships, while also potentially discovering new data sources that can help introduce new dimensions to your team’s dashboard experience.

ChartIQ is bringing together the latest in HTML5, JavaScript, and API goodness to deliver an extensible, customizable, and infinitely expandable workbench for analysts to make sense of financial markets. Since ChartIQ has taken an API-first approach to bring data into the platform and making legacy and new data sources accessible through their own API development environment, Finsemble is something that will speak to developers, as well as analysts, and other decision makers. Providing what appears to be the next generation of API-driven financial terminal that works with all of our legacy data sources, but can also quickly accelerate things by bringing in the best of breed sources of data that ChartIQ is working to assemble.

We are continuing to invest in our partnership with ChartIQ, and will be playing with the Finsemble platform more, to help us better understand where technology fits in, and where the opportunities are for us to wire up the API gallery into the Finsemble ecosystem. Leveraging our event-driven API architecture, and discovery solution to help deliver the next generation financial components and instrumentation that leverage what ChartIQ is offering. Helping to contribute to the ecosystem of financial market solutions that CharIQ is assembling as part of the Finsemble ecosystem. As we explore Finsemble, we’ll be sharing the story here on the blog, helping share what it brings to the table, but also more about how will be contributing to this open terminal environment.

AI in Finance White paper - About Finsemble
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