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Intrinio Provides A Nice Blueprint For Financial Data Marketplaces

It can be time consuming to sort through all the market data available out there today. Even once you find the data you are looking for, it isn’t always clear where the data came from, what the pricing is for the data, and what it will take to get access to the actual data. To help our customers find the best sources of data out there we are always keeping an eye out for the best examples for inclusion in the API Gallery. One example we like to highlight is the Intrinio marketplace, which doesn’t just provide a great source of market data, they provide an example of how data marketplaces should operate in general.

The Intrinio marketplace provides a diverse amount of available market data API feeds that you can filter and search. The marketplace provides consistent descriptions, documentation, FAQ, and other resources, and most importantly clear, straightforward pricing for each dataset. Once you’ve found what you are looking for you can sign up for an account, and get programmatic access to the data in the marketplace using the Intrinio API. As well as the ability to export data to Excel spreadsheets and Google Sheets, making the data available to both business and developer data consumers. Working hard to make the valuable market data available without all the usual hoops you have to jump through with many other providers.
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Intrinio lets you get started for free, and begin developing applications for free, and another very interesting aspect of the approach is that they allow any data provider to become a partner and publish their data into the marketplace. Making it a pretty robust place to find a wide variety of data sources, with clear attribution regarding where the data came from. Providing a pretty interesting blueprint for how data marketplaces should be operating, being clear about data ownership, pricing, and making it accessible to both business and technical users. Demonstrating how the market data game should be played in the API economy.

There is a websocket API for accessing Intrinio data, but we’ll still be exploring the opportunities for more simpler integration for streaming of their valuable market data. Websockets is overkill for streaming data unless you are in needed of two-way interactions, making Server-Sent Events (SSE) a much simpler, and preferred way of developing market data streams for publishing to web, desktop, and mobile applications. We will be continuing to profile Intrinio APIs and adding them to the API Gallery, generating OpenAPI definitions for each API, and mapping out the valuable resources available via their platform, and very professionally crafted data marketplace.

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