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AG2R LA MONDIALE provides the best data flow experience to its customers with Axway MFT


Based in Paris, AG2R LA MONDIALE is a French global insurance company whose strategic focus is centered around worldwide insurance, financial services, supplemental retirement funds, and pensions.

As the largest provider of supplementary pensions across France, AG2R LA MONDIALE manages one-fourth of the employees in the private sector, as well as the second-biggest health insurer (excluding banking groups).


Since merging with another industry leader, Réunica, AG2R LA MONDIALE faced justifying payment processes and premium collections for a vast number of new members. AG2R LA MONDIALE worked with Axway to solve the problem with a solid solution.


AG2R LA MONDIALE realized that by leveraging the Axway Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution, they could modernize data centers and regulate communications procedures via a streamlined and accelerated approach.

As a leading source of pensions, life and medical insurance, income protection, and savings services with France, AG2R LA MONDIALE partners with huge businesses to amass contributions from employees and payout to retirees.

Increased pressure is on the rise because of mounting costs, not an uncommon problem globally. But the French government is now taking steps to reduce the number of pension funds available.

Over the last decade, AG2R LA MONDIALE merged with several key players in the industry. From AG2R merging with LA MONDIALE in 2008, and AG2R LA MONDIALE and Réunica in 2015.

The goal is to downsize the contributing pensions scheme which makes it easier for citizens to pay into and draw on their pension plans. With an extensive business containing over 15 million policyholders and beneficiaries across 500,000 initiatives, AG2R LA MONDIALE relies on B2B integration to ensure its processes are running efficiently.

Growing strongly

With any merger, new challenges arise. An additional set of complex applications and data flows needed to be addressed — as well as cost-cutting.

“When the business or our regulators come to us with a new requirement, it’s vital that we can deliver quickly and without sending our costs skyrocketing. Alexandre Casanova, Systems and Networks Administrator at AG2R LA MONDIALE

AG2R La Mondiale and Axway

Over the years, Axway’s Transfer CFT solution was the relied-on solution that is part of the MFT platform. This solution enables secure data-sharing with internal and external investors.

To take the process further and deliver well-managed data flows between AG2R LA MONDIALE and Réunica, Réunica came aboard with Transfer CFT.

“We targeted a single solution to handle all of our data flows, so we set up a proof-of-concept exercise for solutions from several leading vendors,” recalls Casanova.

Transfer CFT is the go-to solution thanks to its proven reliability. By making use of open protocols, AG2R LA MONDIALE can sustain all of Réunica’s transfer necessities.

One point of control

By supplementing Transfer CFT with Central Governance (part of the Axway MFT platform), better flow integration is available and AG2R LA MONDIALE gains a single point of control for data flow.

Also, the company continues to leverage Axway MFT Gateway. This manages external data flows with partners such as banks, employers, and other pension funds, with programmed monitoring given by Sentinel.


The Axway partnership has enabled AG2R LA MONDIALE to continue to migrate its data flows to the new Transfer CFT platform, hosted on a high-availability cluster across the company’s four data centers.

With Central Governance and Transfer CFT now deployed across much of the AG2R LA MONDIALE IT environment, the organization is gaining unprecedented visibility and control over internal data flows from all areas of its growing business.

“For us, the high quality of Axway’s support has always been one of the company’s strongest selling points,” adds Casanova.

Axway has enabled Réunica’s data flows to the new platform — saving time, money, and IT resources. This is perfectly aligned with AG2R LA MONDIALE’S long-term plans.

By leveraging Central Governance, time frames have shifted. Prior times were more than a month but now the process is less than a week. AG2R LA MONDIALE is now positioned with a streamlined approach to tackle the data deliveries for faster time to market to drive efficiency improvements.


AG2R LA MONDIALE is exploring the option of improving its approach to file transfer and data-flow management.

By replacing its Axway MFT Gateway with SecureTransport and upgrading from Central Governance to Amplify Flow Manager, the company is assured that it will be able to drive significant efficiency improvements.


By benefiting from a strong partnership with Axway, AG2R LA MONDIALE continues to strengthen its ties with MFT.

By providing better data flow experiences for its customers, AG2R LA MONDIALE gains superior results, and performance.

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