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Solutions Architect (API, Digital MFT, B2B), Axway

MS Team Notification from SecureTransport: A Step-by-Step Guide to build custom routing step

Managed File Transfer (MFT) is a critical subject for many organizations; missing files result into missing SLAs and, in case of file transfer errors,...

Extend your MFT to exchange files with any cloud storage: A Step-by-Step Guide to...

With the increasing pervasiveness of applications in the cloud, your file exchange platform is likely to face additional requirements to exchange with different cloud...
Understand your API security need: OAuth or OpenID Connect?

Understand your API security need: OAuth or OpenID Connect?

OAuth and OpenID Connect are two common topics on API security space. However, there is still confusion usage of these protocols on the internet....

An Integration Use Case for SecureTransport + Syncplicity

I have been trying out some use cases to illustrate the value of SecureTransport and Syncplicity working together. I thought it would be helpful...

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