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API Strategist - Emmelyn Wang has 20 years of experience working across many industries including eCommerce and global distribution as a software and technology innovation leader with a focus on the role of API products and platform programs. Currently, she serves on Axway’s CTIO team, and is an internationally recognized speaker and thought leader for the business of APIs and the platforms and ecosystems they serve. Emmelyn Wang's background also includes developer community engagement, working on API product teams building APIs for internal and external stakeholders, and supporting partners integrating with APIs. She has also led technical marketing teams creating engineering-focused content to innovate in both software and hardware supporting global companies to break revenue and adoption records. She started her career in Austin, Silicon Hills, where she also contributed to the growth of several startups. Emmelyn serves on the core team of the AsyncAPI specification, sister spec to the OAS spec. She holds a Masters in Technical Communication. She contributes and speaks at GDS Insight, CIO Leadership, API Days, API the Docs, Nordic APIs Annual Summit, Write the Docs, Lavacon, Women Who Code, and other digital business events worldwide. She runs the APIOps Meet up and is based in Dallas, TX.

2020 AsyncAPI First Global Conference Recap

AsyncAPI is an initiative for standardizing message-driven APIs. The community has a healthy mix of enterprise, solopreneur/consultants, startups and open source community support. In...
API Design Wins

Monetization: Approaching products as API Design Wins

Think of when you went to an arcade, popped in a token to play that classic pinball machine. Perhaps you play Animal Farm on...
Scalable hackathon model

Building Together: Scalable Hackathon Model

One of my old high school friends became a dietitian during college. After she graduated, she joined the military and served many overseas tours....

Future IT LA: Digital innovation stories from IT leaders

On March 12, 2020, Axway sponsored IDG's Future of IT LA conference in Huntington Beach, CA. IDG brought together local businesses, organizations and agencies...
API Product Culture: Focusing on People

API Product Culture: Ways to Win

I worked in a fantastic API Product Culture on an API team that truly served our stakeholders with insight, empathy and a thoughtful approach....
Design APIs for Healthcare and Insurance Experiences

How API Design and ecosystems drive the insurance experience

Minimizing risk is lucrative. The better the experience, the more members of the ecosystem will know when and how to interact in ways that...
AI and machine learning

Still skeptical about AI and machine learning? It’s time to BELIEVE

For 2020, your company is thinking “We are on our way to level up our business. Competition is incredibly fierce and we need something...
disruptive api trends for 2020

12 Disruptive API Trends for 2020

One of our customers made an astute observation: You've created thousands of APIs, but this one is our first. Over the years, we've worked...
APIs and hybrid integration

Automotive landscape: How APIs and hybrid integration drive business

Executive Briefing and Golf Event at TPC Michigan, Thursday, June 27, 2019. Dearborn, MI. We met with technology and business leaders of major Fortune...
mature APIs

API maturity in global fintech markets

A major component of a mature API lifecycle is the way an API provider communicates with its consumers. To establish trust, the provider that...
API portals

Experience Design: API Portals foster engagement and innovation

Harold Wiegers and I bring years of experience designing and building API programs with talented colleagues and leaders in various industries. We've worked with...
8 API trends

8 API trends for 2019

Here are 8 API trends to watch in 2019. We identified the following ways for companies to grow and scale healthy API programs. How are...

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