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Principal Pre-Sales Architect, Emmanuel has worked at Axway for over 15 years with nearly every Axway product. For the last five years, he has focused on his API Management expertise. This gave him a deep understanding of the Information System ecosystems, old and new, and Digitalization emergency. His various experiences as a product expert, architect, trainer, or presales are strong assets for Emmanuel to support the different aspects which lead to customer success.

Event-driven use case – publish subscribe

Event-Driven API Management is the combination of Amplify API Management Platform and next-gen Axway Streams with some configuration for seamless integration. We already presented how to...
change data capture

Event-driven API Management — Change data capture

We previously introduced why Event-driven APIs matter on the APIFriends blog. Then, last week, I introduced the need for Event-Driven API Management, what capabilities...
event-driven API Management solutions

Event-driven API Management introduction

We hope you are now convinced Event-Driven APIs matter! If not yet, please click HERE. So, let’s assume now you have Event-driven APIs and they...

Event-driven vs REST API interactions

APIs are great! That's for sure! But let's take a closer look at what a REST API is. It’s an interaction pattern; the way...
API monetization requires good API Management

API monetization requires good API Management

Making money is likely the final goal of any company using APIs. API Management is the common layer processing all API traffic. It provides...
API security best practices

API security: How can AI help secure your APIs?

APIs enable Digitalization and make communication easier. And opening APIs requires security. But what does API security mean? Security is everywhere and applies on...

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