Titanium App wins Wufoo API Contest

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We want to give out some kudos to one of our newest hires, Rick Blalock, who just recently joined Appcelerator as one of our Professional Services Engineers. Rick just recently won the Wufoo API Contest with his entry called Pico which was developed using Appcelerator’s own Titanium Platform.

Pico is an iPhone app that’s designed for interacting with your Wufoo account while on the move. You can view all your forms in a searchable list, while seeing how many entries each form had that day. Tapping a form allows you to browse its entries, where you can view individual submissions (this is also searchable) or add a new ones right on your phone. Reports feature allows you to view data via the Chart, Number, Text, and Datagrid widgets. Access to the the user accounts in Wufoo is also available through the UI to let you see each user’s access levels and email them for your convenience.

For his efforts Rick was awarded an honest to god battle axe. We’re proud to have Rick as part of the Appcelerator team and look forward to his future creations as part of our staff.

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