The AMPLIFY™ platform–it’s HIP, it’s big, it’s here!

AMPLIFY platform
AMPLIFY platform

Axway is pleased to announce the next major release of the AMPLIFY platform. (Read the Axway AMPLIFY Integration announcement here.) Apart from a refresh of the platform itself, starting April 2nd, you can leverage new capabilities including integrating your favorite (cloud) applications and producing and consuming new APIs through the new unified catalog. Here is what’s available and coming in the next few days:

  1. Application Integration: Axway’s new iPaaS capability with 150+ prebuilt connectors and powerful integration capabilities.
  2. MFT Service Enrollment: Streamline the MFT flow onboarding process.
  3. Mesh Governance: Public Beta–Build, deploy and manage your microservices.
  4. Choreography: Public Beta–Asynchronous microservices integration, available April 5th.

AMPLIFY platform

These are all new additions to AMPLIFY, the multi-tenant, SaaS, hybrid integration platform. AMPLIFY is designed as the control plane for the multiple data planes that are moving data inside and outside your organization through a variety of integration patterns. Through a set of foundational services, AMPLIFY is the:

  • Connection point–for other integration patterns to be surfaced as APIs regardless of where or how they are run.
  • Creation point–for new integration services to be “published” and existing integrations to be “consumed” through a catalog or marketplace.
  • Control point–for management, security, IT policy governance, usage tracking and deployment of integrations.
  • Collaboration point–for discovery, learning and support for new integration users.
  • Choreography point–for combining APIs and events into more complete processes.

Below find a few highlights. Visit our products page for more details.

Application Integration

As part of this major new release of the AMPLIFY platform, Axway’s iPaaS capabilities are Generally Available. Dubbed as AMPLIFY Application Integration, it simplifies the building, deployment and management of integrations between (cloud) applications, including cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-ground and ground-to-ground integrations. AMPLIFY Application Integration simplifies the process of integrating applications leveraging a number of Platform components including the following:

  • AMPLIFY Integration BuilderConnect and Integrate.  Integrate cloud applications easily. 150+ pre-built cloud connectors (including a connector for Syncplicity) and powerful integration capabilities, with the ability to easily add your own, custom, connectors.
  • AMPLIFY CatalogPublish and share. A central, unified catalog for the discovery and reuse of integration services that include APIs, microservices, application integrations and traditional flows. Simplify and increase the speed of building, integrating and deployment of new services and apps. Facilitate and encourage self-service integration and co-creation.
  • AMPLIFY CentralManage and Secure. Manage your services and endpoints across multiple environments and clouds. Secure and manage access to your services.
  • AMPLIFY API BuilderOpen up and integrate. Make your legacy applications API ready and simplify the integration of these applications with other (cloud) applications. Build APIs and microservices in an on-premise or private cloud containerized environment. With API builder, you can unleash enterprise data for innovation with a wealth of (mobile-optimized) APIs, and the ability to easily create new ones.

Learn more

To learn more about the AMPLIFY Application Integration offering, watch the explainer video or visit the web page.  We have created a wide array of resources to get you started

  • Quickstart guide
  • Tutorials and other enablement materials: This page will be updated on regularly, so check this out on a regular basis for ne content!

Sign up for an account today.

MFT Service Enrollment

With this release, we not only integrate with cloud-native/SaaS application infrastructures, but we are also incorporating more traditional integration patterns into the AMPLIFY platform as well. One of the first of these more traditional patterns is the MFT Service Enrollment capability as part of the AMPLIFY MFT offering. The addition of Flow Central as an included component of our MFT solution provides subscription customers with the ability to integrate directly with the platform via the AMPLIFY Catalog. This makes it easier than ever for MFT administrators to enroll partners and applications into their file flows. The new offering provides an independent repository for flow configurations and enables a self-service, API design-first approach. In combination with AMPLIFY Catalog, it connects our customers with capabilities to support the increasing need to use APIs to design and administrate file transfers.

Further benefits

Reduction of the time to deploy for Business Manager/Partners:

  • AMPLIFY Flow Central helps the reduction of the number of interactions to subscribe to an existing MFT service.

Reduce time to create an MFT service for an Integration specialist

Self-service for Business manager up to external partner:

  • The subscription to an MFT service can be done through the AMPLIFY Catalog

Faster time to market delivery of innovative services by leveraging the platform capabilities to expose legacy services:

  • Legacy services can be seamlessly integrated as part of new and innovative services, as they can be subscribed to and consumed by clients in the same way as new-built services.

Learn more

Check the Flow Central Getting started guide to learn more or check the Installation Guide or User Guide.

Mesh Governance (Public Beta)

AMPLIFY Central Mesh Governance is available as a Public Beta starting today. The AMPLIFY Central Mesh Governance capabilities help you to accelerate the integration and adoption of both legacy services and microservice based APIs. AMPLIFY makes the creation, deployment and management of microservices easy. We will get you in production in hours instead of weeks or months. Mesh Governance leverages API Builder and AMPLIFY Central as elements of the AMPLIFY platform.

Service discovery and API (swagger) import

  • Axway’s mesh agents automatically monitor new services being added to a managed service mesh and report them to the centralized environments view in AMPLIFY Central. From here their APIs may be proxied (secured and exposed) to the domain gateway edge of your service mesh.

Consolidated Policy library

  • AMPLIFY Mesh Governance provides not just a view of mesh policies helping you manage API and service traffic, but also a contextual indication of where policies are possible and where they have been assigned. The AMPLIFY Central environments view shows you which policies are attached to what services and APIs.

Consolidated telemetry of SaaS and service mesh traffic

  • All AMPLIFY Central managed data planes forward API traffic telemetry to AMPLIFY Central’s built-in API Observer analytics overview. This view provides time-based and filtered views of API traffic by service, environment and

Build in minutes

  • AMPLIFY API Builder provides template-based project creation and visual API and flow building, allow you to make every team member productive faster. The ability to leverage pre-built connectors as well as the connector-less approach allows you to integrate anything with ease–further helped by our extensible, reusable, and shareable tools. API projects can be baked into docker containers and deployed where you want them; your local environment, into your own service mesh or to the AMPLIFY Runtime Services managed hosting.

Deploy and run in a ready-to-run environment

  • Leverage AMPLIFY Runtime Services (ARS) to deploy and run your microservices. ARS also referred to as Container as a Service, is ready to run a container environment in the cloud and gets you running and scaling in minutes.

Manage your mesh with ease from a central control center

  • Ease up the creation of your service mesh with prescriptive instructions and easy to use management tools. Control at your fingertips with detailed insight into your API traffic. Our simple steps allow you to connect a service mesh to AMPLIFY Central in just a few simple steps.

Public Beta

Mesh Governance is released in Public Beta and will be generally available later this year. More details around the Term and Conditions that apply to beta software and services can be found here, Section 3D.

Sign up for an account today and start building, deploying and managing microservices today!

Choreography (Public Beta)

AMPLIFY Choreography is Axway’s cloud-native, highly scalable, integration solution for microservices. With AMPLIFY Choreography, microservices integration can now run asynchronously without having to wait for one service to complete before starting the next one. In addition, the asynchronous configuration allows your processes to be better prepared to handle temporary bursts during high business volumes. This approach decouples the executions across two or more services, allowing for applications to run at optimal throughput for maximum productivity.  Instead of spending resources on managing business logic across different areas or having a central orchestration module, you can now:

  • Bypass the traditional REST interface/synchronous API limitations.
  • Create multi-dimensional choreographies that can run parallel/asynchronously
  • Execute microservices in any fashion required by your business partners and customers.

Scalable and resilient

With a distributed streaming platform as part of its backbone, AMPLIFY Choreography Engine provides built-in resiliency, choreographing data streams and communications across services. AMPLIFY Choreography has an event-driven architecture with inbuilt fault tolerance and the ability to facilitate asynchronous execution.

Step Pattern Choreography

The heart of the solution is the support for step patterns. AMPLIFY Choreography stores the different step patterns from the choreographed microservices, allowing flexibility and control via command lines and scripting.

Polyglot Microservices Support

Create your business services in Java, Node.js or Go, choose which language works best for your needs. When you allow developers to pick the language of their choice, you are no longer restricted by the language skills of teams or team members and everybody can directly contribute. Once completed, each of these services can be part of your choreography.

Public Beta

AMPLIFY Choreography currently has a limited feature set and will be accessible as a Public Beta on April 5th. General Availability–with a more extended set of capabilities–is planned for later this year.  We would like to learn about your experiences, so don’t hesitate to reach out. More details around the Term and Conditions that apply to beta software and services can be found here, Section 3D.

Learn more

We would like to learn about your experiences, so don’t hesitate to reach out. More details around the Term and Conditions that apply to beta software and services can be found here, Section 3D.

Try it yourself!

Start your free 30-day trial today to access the new AMPLIFY platform capabilities or follow the instructions to subscribe to a plan. Use our free online resources and start integrating today.

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  1. Use the AMPLIFY platform to reduce the time to market for critical interfaces, to increase the productivity of your team, to simplify your daily operations and reduce the total cost of ownership. For more details, visit the AMPLIFY overview page .


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