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Is your organization event-enabled?

In the center of consumers, organizations and applications are crucial, valuable data that is expected to be fresh, relevant, and delivered at lightning-fast speeds. Real-time...
modernization for URSSAF - Caisse Nationale

Modernizing France’s social security services with URSSAF – Caisse Nationale

Thanks to Axway’s Amplify API Management platform, URSSAF - Caisse Nationale is now handling more than four million daily secure API transactions. And it’s...
Axway SecureTransport Antivirus DLP Scanning Part 2

Axway SecureTransport Antivirus/DLP Scanning – Part 2

In our part one of this series, Axway SecureTransport Antivirus/DLP Scanning via ICAP, we covered the capabilities of SecureTransport ICAP integration with third-party Antivirus...

Axway SecureTransport Anti-virus/DLP Scanning: Part 1

Axway SecureTransport is Axway’s enterprise-class hub (MFT) solution for secure file transfer. SecureTransport allows organizations to control and manage the transfer of files inside and outside of...
enterprise API management

Peloton’s API leak: Security requires a combination of technology and processes

Recently, a long-lasting security vulnerability exposing private user data through Peloton's API was made public. It's worth diving into what happened, as it's a...

Amplify Whiteboard chat #4 – Policy Agents

Previously in my Amplify articles, I covered an open API Management Plane, API Discovery and Subscriptions, and API observability and traffic analytics. In my final Whiteboard...
API complexity

Why 60% of enterprises are dealing with API complexity

With the advent of the cloud, the enterprise IT landscape allowed for lines of business to operate independently and a lot faster, opening up...

Amplify Whiteboard chat #3 – API observability

In my previous Amplify Whiteoboard articles, I covered an open API Management Plane and API Discovery and Subscriptions. Today, we cover API observability and traffic...
business-first API strategy

Key takeaways from business-first API strategy: Transforming the business with APIs at scale

Enterprises that are well along their digital transformation journey are attaining new levels of maturity. But with that maturity comes increased complexity. Organizations are...
consuming APIs and IPAs

Consuming APIs and IPAs is not that different

Beer can be brewed to perfection, but it’s up to the consumer to enjoy the golden liquid up to its very last sip. The...

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