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transforming the future for women in tech

Axway Summit 2021: Transforming the future for women in tech

Although women represent nearly half of the entire workforce today, they’re still massively underrepresented in the technology industry. What’s more, McKinsey’s 2020 Women in the...
Axway Summit 2021 recap

Level up with a recap of Axway Summit 2021

Axway's acclaimed annual technology conference, Axway Summit 2021, has just wrapped up its final session, once again delivering inspiring insights, actionable strategies, and innovative...
Partners at Axway Summit

Partners at Axway Summit — a dedicated partner session

This year, our Partner Summit continues to go virtual. With Europe, the Americas, and Asia Pacific, we are gathering our entire partner ecosystem for...
Axway Summit 2021 register now

Just two weeks until Axway Summit 2021. Are you ready to level up?

In just two short weeks, we will bring Axway Summit 2021 to you in a lively virtual environment that has something for everyone —...
Axway Summit 2021 Technical Tracks

Leveling up at Axway Summit 2021. Time to get technical.

Axway Summit is where you come to learn about the enterprise integration solutions that will best advance your goals. The nuts and bolts. The...
Axway Summit Solution Tracks

Axway Summit 2021 Solution Tracks. What you need to know.

Experience, perspective, strategy. You'll have to lean heavily on all of them if you want to level up to the next stage of your...

Are women in tech transformers or disruptors? You decide at Axway Summit 2021.

Leveling up to the next stage of digital transformation can have many meanings. It depends on who you ask. But then, exploring and embracing...
Axway Summit 2021

Get ready to level up at Axway Summit 2021

Much has changed in the digital realm since we held our first virtual Axway Summit (formerly IMAGINE SUMMIT) last year. Many of us are...

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