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API monitoring solution: Who should be in charge of your organization?

API Monitoring solution

When it comes to an API monitoring solution, Embedded Analytics for API is the answer. They help API users work smarter by incorporating relevant information to solve high-value business and IT problems and create a more efficient user experience.

Now, API users do not have the same responsibilities and concerns. Therefore, they don’t need the exact same Analytics capabilities. Read all about AMPLIFY Analytics, ensuring SLAs.

API Monitoring solution

In the context of API Management, there are at least four types of API monitoring users:
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  • API Admin: he is part of IT operations, he needs to ensure good and even increase the quality of Service of APIs and ensure optimal API consumption.
  • API Relationship Manager: he can be either on the IT or business side. His role is to manage partners relationship and resolve partners’ related issues and inquiries.
  • API Product Manager: he’s often part of the marketing team but can also be in IT. His role is to manage and provide an attractive API products catalog. He evangelizes, promotes and socializes APIs.
  • API Gateway Admin: he is also part of IT operations. He manages the Gateway performance & resource and needs to ensure flawless operation of the set of API Gateways.

So, it’s important to tailor capabilities and dashboards to each specific user needs and roles. This will allow each user to take the most benefit from the application quickly and easily. For example, let’s start with the API admin. To ensure the quality of service, the API admin needs an API monitoring solution that can proactively identify APIs Methods with abnormal behavior that could put the quality of service at risk.

In the same way, to manage API Infrastructure, the Gateway admin needs an API monitoring solution that can proactively identify resource bottlenecks, API gateways with highest errors rate or API Gateways with the highest latency.

Now, to manage partners/consumers success, the Relationship Manager needs an API monitoring solution that can systematically identify API consumers/apps with abnormal activities or offering a degraded consumer experience; he can also keep a close eye on the top consumers.
Last but not least, to manage the API Catalog efficiently and guide further improvement, the API Product Manager needs to have insight on key API usage metrics over time.

So, when designing or evaluating an API monitoring solution on top of your API Management infrastructure, you need to consider a solution that addresses each user’s specific need as described above. This will help you provide a high-value Embedded Analytics solution with tangible business benefits for end-users.

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