New release: Syncplicity mobile app for Android (version 4.8)

Syncplicity mobile app for Android

As part of the regular Syncplicity releases, we are excited to announce the release of a new version of the Syncplicity mobile app for Android. This new release (version 4.8) includes several new features and functionality to improve the usability for end-users and increase the configuration capabilities for IT staff.

New features and functionality for end-users

Search functionality

From an end-user perspective, the most exciting new feature is the addition of the search functionality.  This allows users to search for the documents on their mobile device, with no need to know the exact location of the file or folder. Users can search for content in a specific folder or in all folders.

Additional filters for the file type, file size, and last modification date where the owner are specified to narrow down the results. As expected, it may create more complex search queries, using keywords such as AND, OR, NOT, etc. A full list of these keywords is available.

Offline access to documents

As with the previous version of the app, users can select to download specific files or folders to their device for offline access.  To make this feature more intuitive, they have renamed it to “Offline” in this latest release, and users can now select files or folders and select to “Make available offline.”  Users can select to view all offline available content.

Creation of SyncDrive folders

Another key change has been to change the default folder creation to be a SyncDrive folder. This brings the Android mobile app into line with the web UI, iOS mobile app and the desktop client. For those not familiar with SyncDrive, SyncDrive folders are folders within Syncplicity accessible via a drive letter on a PC or Mac, with no need to synchronize content.

This feature allows users of the mobile app for Android to create folders and upload large amounts of data, and be able to access that data from other devices, with no need to synchronize data to those devices.

New features and functionality for IT

The IT department has not been left out with this release, and several new features are available.

Security policies

From a governance perspective, the folder re-sharing capabilities are updated to ensure that re-sharing capabilities configured in the security policies are applied to users of the mobile app for Android.

Microsoft Office documents policy for Mobile

The IT administrator can configure whether the user of the app can open documents with Microsoft Office online when using the app.

Support for AirWatch SDK

To ensure we meet the requirements of many customers, we have added support for the AirWatch SDK to provide a simple out-of-the-box Enterprise Mobile Management for the application. This is besides the “Android Enterprise” support which was previously available.


The latest release, we have updated the Syncplicity mobile app for Android to ensure Android users enjoy from the latest features and functionality available in Syncplicity and provide IT with the configuration capabilities required for their enterprise deployments.

Get the update

The Syncplicity for Android app is free and available from Google Play.