Lock and unlock your files with Syncplicity for Mac 6.2

Syncplicity for Mac 6.2

File locking now available

When installed on a Mac or PC, Syncplicity allows its users to share, collaborate, edit, and sync files directly from their desktop, File Explorer, or Finder.

The functionality of Syncplicity provides flexibility for different populations of users, depending on how they prefer to work.

With the latest release of Syncplicity for Mac 6.2, functionality for locking and unlocking files has been extended for those desktop users.

Syncplicity for Mac 6.2: Prevent others from making edits with file locking

File locking ensures that when a user wants to make updates or edits to a document where others also have editing capabilities, they can lock that file to prevent other users from overwriting their changes.

The user will have the option to lock the file for five minutes, 20 minutes, one hour, or two hours. During that time, a collaborator will be able to see that the file is locked and for how long.

For Microsoft Office files like Word Documents, PowerPoints, or Excel, the collaborators have the option to move to Office Online and co-edit the document.

Once the locked time is completed, the collaborator will be able to access and make their contributions to the file.

Stay inside the environment you want to work in

With this new functionality available inside Syncplicity for Mac, users who prefer to work primarily from their computer can now lock and unlock files without having to navigate to Syncplicity on the web.

If someone is insistent on accessing and making edits to the document you are working on while locked, Syncplicity will create a separate copy of the file where collaborators will have the ability to choose which copy can become the new version of record.

How to leverage file locking now

File locking on Syncplicity for Mac 6.2 is available to users today by navigating to their Syncplicity account online, clicking Install at the top of the page, and downloading Syncplicity.

Read the full release publication of Syncplicity for Mac 6.2, to learn more about the minor changes to the button formerly known as “Favorite.”

Additionally, if you have any questions about this functionality, please reach out to your Syncplicity Customer Success Manager, who will be able to assist you.

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