New experience for Syncplicity for Mac

If you’re already a Syncplicity user, then you know that the Syncplicity desktop application allows you to share, collaborate, and sync files right from your computer. For Mac users, we’re excited to announce enhanced features with the release of Syncplicity for Mac 6.1!

This release includes major enhancement for end-users—improving and streamlining activities like sharing files, Office 365 Online editing, and simplified use of native and cloud folders through SyncDrive. This release also gives IT the ability to intelligently control network bandwidth.

Ready for Mac OS Catalina

Native folder sharing: Users will have the ability to share folders and view and manage shared folder participants natively from the desktop, rather than being routed to Syncplicity on the web.

Open in Office Online

When viewing or editing files using Office 365 online, users now have access to quick action for Microsoft Office file types on right-click in Finder. This allows users access to concurrent access and concurrent editing with others they are collaborating with.

SyncDrive (Cloud Folders) improvements

All newly created folders initiated from the user’s desktop will be SyncDrive folders. Users will not need to specify that they would like the folder to be a cloud folder—it will be automatic. Users simply need to go to the “Syncplicity” folder from their desktop to see all their folders including their sub-folders, even those that are shared by others. With the Mac 6.1 release, users will be notified when a SyncDrive folder is shared with them.

Users will now have the same view of all their folders in the Mac Finder as well as the Syncplicity Desktop application like Sync Folders – where a user can further personalize viewing these folders from Finder.

Intelligent bandwidth control

IT can now control bandwidth utilized by Syncplicity for the company networks (per network) based on various office locations. This allows companies to implement different limits based on region/country, office locations and their internet bandwidth regionally and even down to the granularity between LAN, Wi-Fi and Guest networks in each of the offices.

With this new feature, users can also control the bandwidth settings for non-company networks, like when they are working remote – or on a public network and on metered networks like an airplane, or personal WiFi hotspot devices. These settings are controlled via policy controls as well as user options between public, private and metered networks.  And, users also have the ability to simply “pause” the synchronization altogether.

Sync Status improvements

With the Sync Status feature, users are able to access information on the status of file synchronization right from their desktop application. Within that listing, users can now refine their results by filtering the view of the results they are interested in.

Share Naming Convention

With this feature, whenever you accept a folder that has been shared with you, you can choose to add the owner’s name to the local folder—helping users keep better track of who’s sharing with them.

The new Syncplicity for Mac is now available by clicking “Check for Updates…” from your Syncplicity on your Mac toolbar or by clicking the “Install” tab on your Syncplicity web account.

More information on Syncplicity releases can be found on our documentation site.