Syncplicity bulk downloading saves valuable time

For years, Syncplicity users have been able to share and receive folders with an unlimited number of files inside each folder.

At the core of Syncplicity, this is a use case paramount to thousands of users and their work each year.

For recipients of numerous files who need to download them locally onto their computer, individually selecting each file and clicking “Download” was not only time consuming, it could also lead to users overlooking important files in the process of downloading.

With the latest enhancements to Syncplicity, users can now download multiple files and folders to their computer from Syncplicity on their web browser.

Download multiple files to a single folder

In some use cases, recipients of multiple files are required to work with, or edit files locally on their computer, but cannot install Syncplicity applications for PC or Mac.

We’ve observed that some IT departments don’t allow the installation of applications (like Syncplicity) for one specific department use.

In that case, those users need to log in to Syncplicity on their web browser and download those files so they can open them in applications like Microsoft Office or Adobe Acrobat.

To save time when downloading more than a few files, users will see the option to download multiple files or folders at once.

After selecting the files they want to download, users will see a notification that a Zip folder is being created with all the files or folders they’ve selected.

Syncplicity bulk downloading: Save time, clicks, reduce mistakes

Having the ability to download multiple files with just a few clicks saves users’ time. For an external collaborator receiving access to dozens or hundreds of files, individually selecting each file and clicking “Download” would become so tedious, they may overlook a file and forget to download it in the process.

Syncplicity offers the ability to click one checkbox to select all the files and sub-folders in a folder and download it into a single folder onto your computer — ensuring all the files and sub-folder hierarchy are selected and downloaded.

Bulk downloading a result of the customer enhancement request

Many features that delight Syncplicity end-users and administrators were brought to us as ideas from our customers, known as a Customer Enhancement Request.

Bulk downloading of files and folders is a feature that was brought to us by a customer so that their auditors can work faster when downloading hundreds of files.

Another feature, the Syncplicity CRM Cloud Integration, is a customer offering envisioned by a customer who needed to consolidate their file repositories and enhance collaboration between sales and marketing teams.

These Customer Enhancement Requests are reviewed and discussed by our Product Management team and prioritized.

If it makes sense, those requests may eventually become features that all our customers get to leverage. If you have an enhancement request, talk to your customer success manager.

Customers who leverage on-premises storage will be required to update Storage Connector to version 3.3.

For more information on bulk file and folder downloads, follow the link to the full release notes here: