How to share files and collaborate using Syncplicity (video demonstration)

Share files and collaborate in Syncplicity

Have you ever wondered how to share files and collaborate using Syncplicity by Axway? When you collaborate, you are syncing on both sides of the computer. Syncplicity allows you to create a meeting report at the same time as the other person in real time. Further, Syncplicity by Axway lets you know when the other person is using the program. So, when person A is making changes on his computer, person B will get a notice of the change. The new version saved will sync and save on both versions for viewing.

Share files and collaborate

Another wonderful perk of Syncplicity is that you will know when the version synced. You can even click on the new version. From that moment, you can switch to the newest edition. This makes the process of working in collaboration a breeze.

Do you sit and wonder what will happen if you ignore the warning of a new version offline? Don’t stress! Syncplicity has you covered in a big way. From this point what happens is you create your own version, while the other person is doing the same thing. Yet, Syncplicity goes one step further! They save two files, the new and the old, called “version conflict resolution files.” When many users make changes to the same file, a version conflict occurs. Syncplicity, in its infinite wisdom, creates a second version. This handy feature comes to the rescue with both documents at your disposal. These files are there to help you resolve the version conflict problem. This helps you to avoid the conflict file.

Another beneficial feature of Syncplicity is when you have two documents. With Microsoft Word documents, the “Combine” feature incorporates the two documents together. Word then visualizes the modifications that both authors created to resolve the existing problem of the two files. In the end, you will have the final synchronized version saved to both computers. In the end, you are back in sync. Read all about how Syncplicity and Microsoft work well together here.

Uploading pictures is a snap

Are you also wondering about uploading photos? Well, wonder no more. Syncplicity does it again! You can upload photos from a mobile phone: Syncplicity mobile. From here, you can create a new document, record audio or create a video. In a flash, you give it a name (Syncplicity suggests one to help you along), but you can change the name in the device if you wish. This photo is then uploaded. When it’s done, you can see the photo in the file. Voila!

Storage and network efficient

Do you want to be storage and network efficient? Syncplicity by Axway also performs “De-duplication.” What does this mean for you? Simply put. This is when you upload a unique file, Syncplicity will start synchronizing that file from your device to Syncplicity. That initial upload might take some time. This depends on where your StorageVault is and which connection you have between your client and the StorageVault. When the file is complete, you would then upload a duplicate file. This means it has a similar hash. Therefore, Syncplicity will not upload the file. It will simply mark the file as synched and thanks to this abilility, you will see that the files are downloaded quicker onto your computer.

Watch our video and learn more about the seamlessness of syncing with Syncplicity.