Enhance EDI with Content Collaboration capabilities: How to grow your market

Enhance EDI with Content Collaboration capabilities

Easily enable new business-to-business (B2B) and consumer to business channels quickly. With the Syncplicity Connector for B2Bi, you can extend EDI capabilities beyond the scope of traditional B2B exchanges and widen the scope of your market reach. In fact, you open your EDI/MFT system to a wide variety of consumers who only use their mobiles, tablets or emails to send out an order or to receive a confirmation and invoice.

Get the Syncplicity connector for B2Bi here for free.

We believe the out-of-the-box Syncplicity connector for B2Bi is an achievement and illustration of what Gartner referred to as a use case of EDI with Content Collaboration platform in its document: Use APIs to Modernize EDI for B2B Ecosystem Integration

Enhance EDI with Content Collaboration capabilities

  • Full support for all B2Bi message exchange use cases (to/from Partners and Applications) including human-human exchanges using Syncplicity.
  • Access from Web, mobile, tablets, and outlook plugins allowing users to send, receive and view documents.
  • Secure connections for all access modes (upload, download, folder management).
  • No file size limit.
  • Versioning of uploaded documents.
  • All exchanges may optionally apply B2Bi message processing before other routing and delivery rules are applied.

If you’d like to try out Syncplicity, you can start with an enterprise trial, by clicking here, or you can get a free subscription to rollout across your organization for a set number of months. This is an offer that Axway has announced to support companies’ transition to Remote Work.

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