Knock down barriers to content collaboration in health care

Knock down barriers to content collaboration in health care

Nowadays, value-based health care requires more help to ensure that the right follow-up takes place. What hospitals have discovered is that content collaboration in health care is indeed a challenge. The big questions are: How do health care practitioners enable an easy flow of content collaboration, as well as protect their data?

Many things come into play. Thanks to the informative Webinar: Knock Down Barriers to Content Collaboration in health care, Ruby Raley, Vice President of Healthcare Solutions at Axway and Vivek Mody, Vice President for Content Collaboration Platform, Axway Syncplicity were able to answer these questions.

Digital transformation is occurring

Ruby stated that “digital transformation is occurring; Digitalization of records, workflows, services, etc., have risen in costs of about 18% in the U.S. alone. This is approaching 18% of the country’s GDP (government policy driving value approach.)”

Furthermore, there’s a “data explosion. Rapid digitalization of health data is driving 50 X projected data growth from 2012 to 2020. Also, there are many technology shifts: The smartphone adoption will reach 80% in the developed world by 2020.” Learn more about how content collaboration is rapidly changing here.

Demand is high for health care data exchange

Health care has many dilemmas to face. Let’s start with the fact that the health care industry has the largest number of data breaches of all industries. $480 per record from $380 last year. Let’s ask ourselves, “what will it be in 2020?” Sadly, the global average cost of a data breach is up 6.4% over last year.

To add fuel to this fire, e-mail and phishing breaches have become a real challenge across the board in health care. Systems are being frozen and basically held for ransom. Hospitals are even paying money to ransomware to get their server back. This must stop!

According to Doug Brown, Managing Partner of Black Book Research, “we’re stuck. In 2018, 57% hospitals are reporting that network physician’s practices operating on assorted EHRs report that they continue to lack the financial and technical expertise to adopt complex interoperability which is compulsory to attain higher reimbursements built into value-based initiatives by both public and private payers.”

Content collaboration in health care

To succeed, collaboration must get better, faster, cheaper. And without a doubt, it must be secure and controlled. Currently, hospitals feel they struggle with sharing data with health care plans and providers. They don’t have a good way to get what we need when we need it. Further, they can’t afford complex decisions. You’re stuck waiting for information. It’s important to make sure your information is shared securely.

Despite all IT investments and digital transformation, collaboration is still a problem, health care needs to be secure and controlled.

Syncplicity solution to the rescue!

Thanks to the Axway Syncplicity solution, you’re able to “knock down these content collaboration barriers in health care.” Syncplicity brings a new and innovative approach to the table to give clinicians the power to exchange content in an easy and rapid way.

Vivek Mody stated, “this product has the things that you need.” When you think of the kind of documents and supporting patient care information that you have, how do you securely protect the information?”

Vivek said that “what we are seeing is on-demand need to share content. With Axway Syncplicity, we can help your organization.”

The great part about Syncplicity is that it helps to make sure content collaboration is seamless. This involves innovative user experience, IT modernization, as well as data protection and security.

Easy file sharing

Content collaboration platforms and file-sharing solutions are designed to promote file sharing, collaboration, and mobility. Without a great user experience and ease of use, why modernize? “Syncplicity in a single pane of glass gives users a consumer-grade solution designed for security-conscious organizations to easily share and collaborate on secure documents.” Easy, secure file sharing internally, as well as externally.

Easy access to your information

For health care coordinators and practitioners to work efficiently, collaboration is necessary. You should be able to collaborate around files, pdf, etc. Patient care information needs to be shared over a secure environment.


Health care providers and clinicians can now access their files from any device, as well as work from their mobile/tablets via Syncplicity app securely. You’re also able to modernize IT via consolidating legacy content repositories into your cloud and lower costs: public, private or on-premise.

Further with data privacy, again, you have the option of a public or private cloud: what works best for you? When dealing with data, you need control over collaboration. Internal and external sharing allows you to do both while providing security for your messaging.

Lastly, what IT wants, and needs is control. With Syncplicity, you need to have visibility so you can detect when someone is getting out of compliance. Learn more about how Axway was named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant in content collaboration.

Syncplicity helps knock down these barriers to content collaboration in health care so your data and content are protected. Learn more about Syncplicity here.

Watch the Webinar on-demand here.