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Hybrid Integration Platform meets Content Collaboration

Syncplicity by Axway powers digital transformation

The content collaboration market has been driven to a hybrid integration platform strategy due:

  1. The demands of innovation and the moving at a pace that is required of integration for an organization to compete.
  2. A diversity of endpoints in an organizations universe.
  3. The accessibility and expectation of a new persona are to participate in integration.
  4. SaaS, Software and Legacy mix in any organization today and with all this.
  5. The breadth of integration disciplines required.

Hybrid integration platform and content collaboration bring together a diverse set of integration personas, integration disciplines, endpoints and architectures under common governance. APIs play a key role in that governance.

If you have a Gartner subscription, a good read on this is “How to Implement a Truly Hybrid Integration Platform” by Gartner’s Massimo Pezzini and Elizabeth Golluscio.

Hybrid Integration Platform meets Content Collaboration

Axway, a leader in Hybrid Integration, expands the scope of Hybrid Integration one step further. This is with the inclusion and the integration of Syncplicity and content collaboration in the platform. Axway Content Collaboration is one of the many diverse disciplines in any organization’s Hybrid Integration Platform strategy. It brings with it endpoints that are humans, hybrid content strategies and engagement expectations for innovation and a modern digital workplace. The content collaboration born out of EFSS is rapidly evolving–read the Syncplicity blog on this here.

Enterprise content, unstructured data is as much as 90% of an organizations data. Key to innovation is access to data. With as much as 90% of an organizations data as unstructured data, the inclusion of content collaboration in a hybrid integration platform is a natural next step.

Second, the exchange of data and the various patterns for exchanging data that content collaboration brings are needed in innovation to create great experiences.

Thirdly, the ecosystem to which we share data is also our ecosystem for B2B and co-creating great experiences. For these reasons, Axway’s perspective on Hybrid Integration includes content collaboration.

Fun demo

Here’s a fun and simple demo, built on the AMPLIFY platform showing in a simple form the power. The AMPLIFY Syncplicity content APIs we expose in the platform are services that can be used for innovation. The Alexa skills in this demo are built to AMPLIFY API Builder and the APIs are managed by AMPLIFY API Management.

The content repositories are managed by AMPLIFY Syncplicity. The experience shown is through an Alexa skill. While this is a somewhat light-hearted demo, one can see the possibilities when content collaboration is a part of being integrated with a Hybrid Integration Platform.

Imagine creating applications where employees can use Alexa or mobile apps to share content, creating mobile applications that allow users within to submit content and mixing these with consumption of other enterprise APIs. The possibilities are endless.

Thanks to Claudio and Leor for a great and simple demo that shows the results of bringing together Content Collaboration in a Hybrid Integration platform.

Oh, and yes, if you want to see some of the “how” Alexa skills are built and managed with AMPLIFY–read Leor’s blog or watch the video here.