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Should you DIY your modernization?


The keys were firmly held in my hand as I raised them to the front door. As I stepped inside and walked through the first floor, as the owner, I couldn’t help but envision the future—new flooring, open kitchen, new cabinets, new paint, updated bathroom… and the list went on. I couldn’t wait to get started. I felt I had watched enough HGTV and DIY that I could get a degree in “Fixer Upper.” I felt I deserved this renovation. That I could do it on my own, save a ton of money and make it beautiful.

I’ve never really believed in the concept of “leave it to the professionals.” What I have realized is that although I believe in my abilities, there is an imperative need to recognize when it is best to raise a hand to ask for help. While a DIY can save money and give untradeable life experience, but it all comes at the cost of expertise, speed and efficiency.

Life lessons

I have now challenged myself to look at other areas of my life where I’d like to drive more success. In this personal journey, I can’t help but see the parallels in work and businesses today. When we walk into a new job or project (much like a new home) and there is an undeniable excitement behind potential growth and change. In my job, there is the question of how can things like infrastructure and processes be made better or changed to drive the best work, partner and customer experiences?

A project like modernizing network shares implies reforming how organizational data is accessed, collaborated and shared both internally and externally to the standards of today. With some free tools like OneDrive at your fingertips, it can be a DIY project.

OneDrive lets a user take personal folders and files and share them to collaborate. Internally, it works well to an extent. But when taking robust file shares and distributing them across an enterprise ecosystem– internal, partner and customer data sharing—issues will arise. Just think of the dynamic endpoints such as system data, application data, human-created data and workflow demands, that all require control of the who, what, where, when, and how. Just the name alone—“One” Drive—doesn’t offer the dynamic ability to scale.

DIY your network modernization?

Like a home renovation, there are greater intricacies behind each folder share than what meets the eye.

It’s what is behind the wall, why it’s there and how it’s working and knowing the best ways to use this information.

When it comes to the completeness of vision and execution, an investment into a technology company like Axway will not just guide you through your modernization process but elevate you to innovate how content and data exists and is managed in your organization. That’s our goal. Period. Because innovative experiences drive your value to your consumers and employees. It’s specifically not to just get you to use our cloud storage (we don’t care where your data is stored).

It is so important to have the right vision, but just as important to execute correctly. Working towards a future state, while being present.

Although many of you may be more capable than me attempting a DIY project, one thing I find certain is that an investment in the right technology is simply this: an investment that allows your business (or home) to thrive to the fullest.

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