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It’s time to simplify your MFT infrastructure with SaaS

Simplify your MFT with Cloud SaaS

Sooner or later, we’re all on our way to the cloud. And the market is resolutely headed to a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model for, well, just about everything. In this context, we’re facing a new reality and a greater need for interconnection of cloud MFT services.

Chances are, your on-premises MFT infrastructure is starting to show its age. It’s working for you now, but it might not survive the next iteration of your digital transformation. Here’s why you should consider simplifying your MFT infrastructure by outsourcing it and shifting to the cloud.

What kind of cloud?

There’s an understandable hesitation to move to the cloud: Is cloud MFT secure? How does cloud MFT work? Do I need a private (single-tenant) or a public (multi-tenant) cloud? What about a hybrid cloud? Today’s cloud market is growing at breakneck pace and offers more options than ever before.

Some organizations need industry-leading security certifications and a fully private, managed cloud for their multi-million-dollar operations. But others – who often need to support a growing business using limited resources – can be perfectly served by a more cost-effective, multi-tenant cloud where they can offload risk and benefit from integrated security and management.

MFT SaaS in a multi-tenant, managed cloud may be the right solution for you if:

  • MFT isn’t your core business, but it is an important part of your business
  • Like most of the rest of the world, you’re grappling with skill and labor shortages
  • You need greater availability and resiliency
  • You need to be budget-conscious

You don’t have to do it all

A 2020 Vanson Bourne survey of IT and business leaders found 50% of business-critical processes involve file transfers/exchanges in the respondents’ organizations. This tells me MFT is still essential to many businesses’ operations.

But that doesn’t mean you have to be in the business of MFT. Chances are, it’s not your main focus or expertise to maintain software on your on-premises server. Many companies just need something simple, that works, and that’s available off the shelf at a reasonable cost.

And an optimized MFT solution in the cloud means you’ll be set up to support cloud-native applications – when you are ready for them. Your MFT should adapt to your evolving cloud adoption strategy, not the other way around.

Do you want to keep handling growing complexity?

At this point, we’ve all heard about the Great Resignation, or the “Great Renegotiation.” Whatever it’s called, we’re certainly feeling the effects of a rapidly-shifting job market. As highly-skilled workers retire, many are struggling to keep enough skills and knowledge in-house to manage the complexity.

As software providers you rely on force the move to the cloud, you risk losing established connections that are critical to your operations. IT decision-makers say the main reason for the failure of digital transformation projects is data integration problems.

Maybe it’s time to consider outsourcing to a provider who can handle the technical part – running the software, updating the software, implementing security patches and add-ons – and let you focus on managing your business.

A multi-tenant (public) Axway Managed Cloud service offers the advantage of delivering the greater flexibility, efficiency, and improved speed to market promised by the cloud. And it helps keep costs low thanks to a multi-tenant environment shared between customers with tiered SLAs up to 99.99 percent.

Simplify your life

I love this story a client shared with us a few years ago. He came to us because he had an older version of our Axway MFT solution running on premises. It was working fine for his organization, and he alone was running it.

But one day, there were major rains in Paris and the Seine overflowed, flooding entire blocks downtown. The city was impracticable in places, and suddenly, he couldn’t access his office. He wasn’t able to keep their MFT solution afloat – pardon the pun – and the system crashed. He spent several days in a panic.

He told us he didn’t ever want that to happen again. He wanted SaaS, something that we could run on his behalf, that would hold up and that he didn’t need to manually maintain anymore. And it needed to be cost-effective.

Thankfully, we had just the thing. And that’s the beauty of MFT in a cloud that’s fully managed by Axway: you can simplify your MFT infrastructure while getting better performance.

Simplify your life with a solution that’s easy to use, cost-effective, secure, and pre-configured for what you need – and then get back to doing what you do best.

Learn more about how cloud MFT delivered as SaaS can help simplify your infrastructure.

Key Takeaways

  • MFT SaaS in a multi-tenant, managed cloud is an ideal solution for organizations that want to grow but have limited resources.
  • One survey reported half of business-critical processes involve file transfers/exchanges, highlighting the vital role of MFT in operations.
  • Axway Managed Cloud service takes the complexity out of modernizing your MFT infrastructure.
  • In a cloud fully managed by Axway, you also get the added benefit of better performance that can weather any storm.