GA Releases of Titanium SDK 10.0.0 and Appcelerator CLI 9.0.0

Today, we published the General Availability versions of the Axway Titanium SDK and Appcelerator CLI. The SDK and CLI are major releases, with new features and high priority bug fixes. For a more detailed overview, known issues and closed tickets, see the release notes:

Update Titanium SDK from Studio

Studio users will be prompted to update the SDK.

Update Titanium SDK to 10.0.0 from the terminal/command line

[appc] ti sdk install 10.0.0.GA


Update Axway Appcelerator CLI:

To update the CLI node package and core from the command line:

[sudo] npm install -g appcelerator
appc use 9.0.0

Please note the following:

Titanium SDK version 10.0, is the last major release of the Titanium SDK from Axway. All versions of Titanium SDK will reach the end of support on March 1, 2022, as announced on February 24, 2021. Please check our blog post on how to prepare for the end of support and apply the relevant changes if needed to your applications to continue to function after the end of support.

Some highlights of this release are:

  • Support for Material Design Widgets in Android
  • Support for Promise to enable asynchronous processing and callbacks
  • Updated Geolocation APIs to return geocode information from the device

Please check the release notes and the release announcement for more information on the new features, bug fixes, and community contributions.

We are focusing on transitioning the repository to the community and disconnecting the tools from the platform by eliminating the requirement to log in to the platform. We will be limiting our support to the Titanium SDK to minor release updates with critical bug fixes only.

As a reminder, the upcoming end of support milestones are:

  Date                                                     Event 

March 1, 2021 

End of new sales of Appcelerator portfolio 

March 1, 2022 

·        End of Support for Titanium SDK from Axway. Applications developed with the SDK will continue to function after this date unless Apple or Google introduces changes that break the SDK version used by the application. Please read the blog post about preparing your applications for end-of-support. 

·        Complete transition of open-source project repository control rights to community members.  

·        Enable access to CLI and SDK tools without a platform account. 

·        End of Support — Mobile Analytics, Crash Analytics, App Preview, Appcelerator Studio, Dashboard for Mobile Apps in platform.axway.com  

September 1, 2022 

End of Support –Mobile Backend Services 

Current Subscriptions can be renewed with an expiration date on or before March 1, 2022. 

Thank You, Community!

We’d like to thank the following community members who contributed to these releases, as well as those who have tested RC versions.

  • Hans Knöchel – TIMOB-28376
  • Michael Gangolf – TIMOB-28348, TIMOB-28333
  • Sergey Volkov – TIMOB-24549

Report Bugs

If you run into any issues that seem related to the updates, please report them on JIRA.

First, check if it’s a known issue you can watch. If you can’t find an existing ticket, then create one in the
Appcelerator Community (AC) project and add as much relevant information as you can, including the release version you are using.

You can leave general comments as a reply to this blog post.