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Why you should read The Forrester Wave™: Operational Intelligence For B2B Integration, Q1 2018

Why you should read The Forrester Wave™: Operational Intelligence For B2B Integration, Q1 2018

The Eight Vendors That Matter Most

In today’s exceedingly competitive, digitally disrupted environment, one of the most formidable barriers to growth and innovation goes largely unacknowledged: the reactive culture that is pervasive in business operations.

The “fix-on-failure” approach has been standard operating procedure for years, leaving organizational leaders with a feeling of being in charge, but not necessarily in control. Too often, customers are the first to raise red flags when things go wrong, sending operations teams into fire-drill mode, racing to pinpoint and address issues after the fact.

To survive, compete and grow, companies need to champion a new fix-before-failure culture that empowers people to proactively optimize service levels, improve customer experience and limit negative impacts to customers and the business.

One of the feedback we are hearing from our customers is the increasing demand for real-time visibility into their key business processes. They need to deliver a picture of real-time operational performance, important trends and emerging risks to proactively respond to potential process issues and meet customer demands. They are making significant investments to gain operational intelligence from the multitude of business interactions generated through social, mobile, cloud, and IoT (Internet of Things) technologies.

Operational Intelligence For B2B Integration

To that end, I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you that independent analyst firm Forrester Research, Inc. published The Forrester Wave™: Operational Intelligence for B2B Integration, Q1 2018. This Wave is provided to help enterprise architecture professionals make the right choices when selecting an OI solution.

Forrester “selected B2B integration vendors known in the market for having the best monitoring capabilities either for tech organization users, business users, or both.” Forrester “identified the eight most significant ones, [including Axway], and researched, analyzed, and scored them.”

According to Forrester, “The OI for B2B integration market is growing because more EA professionals see it as a way to progress in automating their operational excellence. This growth is largely because EA pros increasingly trust providers in this space to act as strategic partners who advise them on top operational efficiency decisions at the ecosystem level.”

Also, “Forrester expects operational intelligence for B2B integration to be the next battleground, where companies will compete by providing visibility at the ecosystem level.”

I invite you to click here to read the complete Forrester Wave.

¹The Forrester Wave™: Operational Intelligence for B2B Integration, Q1 2018, Forrester Research, Inc., January 17, 2018