Streaming RSS Feeds Using Thanks To The RSS to JSON API is all about the dead simple streaming of existing JSON APIs. It can proxy any existing JSON API and begin streaming it using Server-Sent Events (SSE), with very little effort. We prefer staying focused on doing what we do best, but this also means that there are a lot of XML APIs, RSS feeds, and other types of APIs that we can’t proxy and turn into real time streams. To help us overcome this aspect of our service, we are always looking for complimentary services that we can point our customers to. For example, to bridge the divide between RSS feeds and what does, we recommend taking a look at rss to json, a wonderful, dead simple API for doing exactly what it says–converting RSS feeds to JSON. Something you can then easily proxy with, and turn into a streaming RSS feed.

Here is the simple command line you can use to stream the Techcrunch blog:

curl -v "{your_feedly_stream_id}&X-Sd-Token={your_streamdata_token}"

streaming RSS with RSS2JSON and Streamdata.ioVoila! You now have a streaming RSS feed from any popular blog you want to stream. You can now take common RSS feeds and stream them to any web or mobile application, dashboard, visualization, spreadsheet, or desktop application. We’ve had people ask if we can stream RSS feeds, to which we reply, “why would we, when there are great services like rss to json?” We can do what we do best, and rss to json can do what they do best, and together we can deliver RSS streams.

Despite popular opinion, RSS is not dead. It is still the default feed format for many blogs, forums, and other sources of real time content. We recently covered how you can proxy and stream curated RSS feeds using Feedly, and now we can add rss to json to the toolbox of RSS solutions that compliment what brings to the table. Continuing to build our toolbox of simple API tools that can be used to help you in your journey to make your data and content more real time.

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