Streaming Currency Data From 1Forge APIs

We are working to find more market data APIs for inclusion in the API Gallery, and as we discover, profile, and prepare new entries, we’d like to also introduce them to our users via the blog. Along with the profiling of each API, we are looking for other interesting stories, tools, visualizations, and resources we can share with the community. While we were profiling 1Forge this week, we thought their Forex currency dashboard was worth showcasing, and to further support this use case, we thought we’d share an overview of the 1Forge API.

1Forge (APIs.json) 
Exchange Rate API, Currency Conversion API, and Realtime Forex Quote API. Serving realtime tick data for over 500 forex currency pairs and commodities.
REST API Calls on 1Forge API
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– Website

API Details (OpenAPI)

– Convert Currency /convert (GET) – Convert between currencies
– Market Status /market_status (GET) – Checks to see if a market is open or not
– Quota /quota (GET) – Returns API usage quota
– Get Quotes /quotes (GET) – Get quotes for specific currency pair(s)
– Get Symbols /symbols (GET) – Get a list of symbols

Conversion, Quota, Status, Usage, Currency, Management, Markets, Quotes, Symbols

1Forge API is a dead simple, currency API. We like APIs like 1Forge API, because they make it easy for customers to easily proxy with our service, and begin streaming real-time currency data via their web, mobile, and dashboard applications. We are also working with machine learning providers to also stream real-time currency updates to develop models that can be used as part of wider financial market artificial intelligence solutions. Further widening the use cases for services.

Next, we are adding 1Forge API to the API Gallery, where you can easily proxy and put to use as part of your wider financial market data efforts. We will also work to develop an official 1Forge Forex currency dashboard widget as we profiled in our earlier story, adding the example of how can be used to deliver efficient, real-time financial dashboard and components for use in your applications.

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