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The Value That Exists Within The Community

While we want everyone who visits the website, and engages with us online to eventually sign up for our service and become a customer, there are many other actions they can take that brings value to our platform and the community. We were sitting back and thinking about the different types of actions we would encourage folks to take, and it seemed like it would also make for a good blog post, helping incentivize people to get involved.

We spend a lot of time trying to get the attention of primarily API providers–companies, organizations, institutions, and government agencies who already have APIs, but would benefit from turning them into streaming APIs. So here are a list of actions we encourage API providers to take leading up to them being our customers:

– Add their API to the API Gallery
– Provide an OpenAPI definition that describes their API
– Follow us on Twitter
– Tweet any of our stories
– Follow us on LinkedIn
– Follow us on Github
– Sign up for our email newsletter (make sure to confirm your subscription)
– Download any of our white papers
– Share story ideas for our blog
– Write a story about us on their blog
– Tweet about the API Gallery
– Let us resell their API through the gallery.
– Partner with us on any project

All of this leading up to them actually becoming a customer. We won’t lie, we want all roads to lead to people becoming customers, but we understand not everyone will, and the road for many API providers becoming customers will include any number of these actions listed above. We are pretty good at back scratching, meaning if other folks engage with us in any of the ways listed, we are pretty open to reciprocating right back at you.

We enjoy being transparent about how we get business done. All of this is about getting business done (it helps generate content for the blog), but there is no reason we can be honest about the actions we take each day, and the actions we’d like to see from others in the community. It is a great way to kick up the dust and generate attention for everyone involved, and who knows, it might lead to us actually partnering in new and different ways, adding to this list of meaningful actions that can benefit both of our organizations and the wider API community. Feel free to reach out and engage with us to see how a partnership might benefit both of our organizations.

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