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Searching For APIs By OpenAPI Parameters

We are working on a prototype search tool for the API Gallery and we want to be able to search for APIs By OpenAPI Parameters. Something that will allow for simple keyword search across the thousands of APIs we have indexed in the API Gallery. The basic search just looks at the title, and description of each API, as well as the summary, description, and tags applied to each path–a basic API keyword search. As we prepare to launch the basic search solution, we are already planning for the next iteration, with parameter based search.

Most of the APIs we profile have parameters included in the OpenAPI definition. This provides us with a very detailed look at the value contained within each API. We are going to leave the basic search for the API Gallery based upon a keyword search on title, description, and the basic metadata for each path. Then we are going to augment with the ability to search specifically within the parameters of each OpenAPI, looking for specific fields. We are considering opening this up to the description for each API path if it is available.

A couple of examples of this type of search in action are: 1) searching for stock tickers, 2) searching by data related fields, or 3) searching for location specific fields. There are very few standards for how APIs are designed, and while there are some common patterns out there, you really have to develop a vocabulary for using when searching at the parameter level–if you want to be effective. We are hoping to take away some of the complexity of searching the parameter level of common APIs, and connect the dots when it comes to the overlapping of disparate APIs across the landscape.

We are just in the planning stages of a parameter search for the API Gallery, so if there are specific things you’d like to be able to search for, let us know. After we spec out the parameter layer of the API search, we are going to talk a little bit about searching the underlying schema for each API request and response. Further expanding the advanced search features for the API Gallery. We are planning on keeping the basic search open to the public, but some of the more advanced features we are going to keep behind a paywall for access by our partners and clients, so make sure and contact us directly if you’d like to better understand what is possible with custom API search.

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