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Foursys and Axway provide flexible integrations to their clients

Thanks to its partnership with Axway, Foursys delivers faster and more flexible integrations. “Hybrid integration platform today is all about integrations; we’re always looking for new ways to deliver faster and more flexible integrations,” said Foursys’ Fernando Ferreira, Digital Strategy Executive. “We believe this is a key component of the portfolio today and this will be our focus this year as we assist our clients in their digital strategies.”

Fernando sees HIP as a fundamental add-on to Foursys’ IT portfolio because it allows clients to be more assertive. The Foursys partnership with Axway allows clients to launch new services, as well as innovate their businesses.

Foursys’ background

Based out of São Paulo, Brazil, Foursys employs over 600 people with four offices. Foursys offers a large array of services to their clients from business and services design to validation, systems development and support, data generation, capture and analysis, structuring of digital architecture and innovation labs. They also offer construction of multichannel solutions, brand planning, implanted agile culture, as well as legacy moderation.

Foursys solutions are outlined by distinct variables that seek to guarantee the competency of the solution delivered to the client. Foursys continues to guide its digital portfolio to the next level, and a hybrid integration platform is a staple in this pursuit.

Flexible integrations: Foursys partnership with Axway

The capabilities of a hybrid integration platform allow businesses to work in one central place. Furthermore, with iPaaS in the mix, it improves upon customers’ capabilities to integrate data. With Axway’s AMPLIFY, businesses have the adhesive that binds the different portfolio assets together.

Foursys is moving flexible integrations forward thanks to their partnership with Axway and AMPLIFY. As Fernando says, “HIP is actually more than a platform, it’s certainly more than just technology, it’s really a new approach because it has to do with personas so more people will be able to actually develop their own integrations.”  This allows companies to reinvent their business as they go further with integration.

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“We believe our clients are really looking at being more aggressive launching new services to really transforming their businesses.”

Foursys has seen many different experimentations over the years via new digital channels. Foursys’ clients are always seeking new, innovative solutions for their business. Foursys works with its clients’ planning and activities to take their business where they need to be. “Foursys long-term strategy will bring a very different look and feel to their clients,” says Fernando. Due to integration patterns, HIP launches new services and products. This allows companies to reinvent their model and move their business in the right digital direction.

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