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How iPaaS changes API Management to mesh apps together faster

How iPaaS changes API Management to Mesh Apps Together Faster

API Management and iPaaS are key factors to help transform a modern business.  An API Management solution is designed for the continual delivery of new app functionality by enabling you to build, manage, analyze and extend digital services, they don’t necessarily link things together. Modern iPaaS solutions simplify those connections with centralized integration capabilities, connecting data, applications and partners in B2B situations, although they may not be very good for managing these processes in the long-term. But what if you could use these two technologies together?

Join Axway on May 23rd at 11 am PDT for an insightful one-hour webinar on “How iPaaS Changes API Management.” The webinar features speakers Laura Heritage – Sr. Director Product Management, Bas Van Den Berg – Sr. Director Product Management and Shravanthi Reddy – Director of Product and Solutions Marketing.

Key takeaways of this webinar

During the webinar, you will discover the reasons API Management and iPaaS solutions work so effectively together for digital transformation. With Axway’s hybrid integration platform AMPLIFY™ (HIP), you increase your knowledge with a stronger understanding of how HIP provides both API Management and application abilities through a single platform. These proficiencies allow you to fast-track utilization, as well as the distribution of new business services within your company.

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API Management and iPaaS

API Management provides a cogent solution for digital transformation by contributing to the ongoing transport of new app functionality. How is this possible? By enabling you to build, oversee, analyze and extend digital services; whereas modern iPaaS solutions simplify those connections with centralized integration capabilities for all your cloud to ground, cloud to cloud, as well as ground to ground integrations. These aptitudes deliver real-time connections that are effortless for utilization.

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With the AMPLIFY Application Integration capabilities, you have a new iPaaS solution offering that removes the obstacles IT and developers can face each time a new application is added. You can now integrate seamlessly, as well as combine a number of platform abilities such as AMPLIFY Integration Builder, AMPLIFY Catalog, AMPLIFY Central and AMPLIFY API Builder. All these capabilities add up to your business being able to orchestrate, build, coordinate, replicate, transform and organize data residing anywhere—whether it’s cloud or on-premise.

Additionally, iPaaS offers extended solutions for your company. With iPaaS, you are provided with an effortless and centralized road to integration. This provides increased speed and flexibility in the long run.

Learn how API Management and iPaaS capabilities to take your organization to the next level. Register for the webinar.