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API Event Types For Data Collection Forms

We are continuing our profiling of different event types used by API providers when it comes to defining the meaningful events that occur via API operations. Event types are used to describe the types of subscriptions that API consumers can register for and receive updates for when something happens via a platform. We’ve covered email, payment, commerce and other types of events, and this type we are looking at the event types in use by the data collection forms provider Fulcrum, when it comes to tuning into events that occur when applying forms across a variety of industries.

Fulcrum allows you to create mobile forms intended to assist in the collection of data out in the fields, providing a rich landscape for interesting events to be occurring. Fulcrum provides twelve pretty distinct event types when it comes to subscribing to webhooks via their API platform:

form.create – Data of the form just created.
form.update – Data of the form just updated.
form.delete – Data of the form just deleted.
record.create – Data of the record just created.
record.update – Data of the record just updated.
record.delete – Data of the record just deleted.
choice_list.create – Data of the choice list just created.
choice_list.update – Data of the choice list just updated.
choice_list.delete – Data of the choice list just deleted.
classification_set.create – Data of the classification set just created.
classification_set.update – Data of the classification set just updated.
classification_set.delete – Data of the classification set just deleted.

Providing a pretty interesting set of signals you can tune into when developing data collection forms. Adding to our inventory of event types we are using to define the event-driven architecture landscape. Offering up examples of how the most mature API platforms are evolving their platforms, and providing webhooks that their consumers can tune into, allowing them to tune out the noise, and pay attention to only the events they care about.

We find there is a lot to learn by studying the API provider landscape. Understanding the best practice in use across many different industries helps us stay in tune with where the API space is headed. API providers who have been operating for a while have begun investing in their event-driven architecture, from webhooks to streaming and publish/subscribe solutions. Mapping out the event type landscape provides a wealth of signals we can learn from as we are building out our own API infrastructure, learning from the pioneers who are pushing forward the API conversation in their industry.

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