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APIs and B2B integration: the next wave

APIs and B2B integration

APIs and B2B integration are universal terms these days. How often do you hear these words in your daily conversations? The world has been in the middle of a large global expansion with technological advances that have taken over a company’s strategy for the future. Yet, with all this wonderful hoopla, what is the next wave of APIs and B2B integration?

APIs and B2B integration

In order to keep digital transformation going at a successful pace, better APIs and B2B integration are needed to keep the ball moving. What does this involve you ask? First, you have to keep upgrading to stay on top of changing technology or things will simply die out. The world now exists with such things as IoT (Internet of Things) and machine learning, APIs and B2B integration need to be able to quickly adapt to the changing landscape. Read about APIs in the world of IoT.

With the rapid change in the technology industry comes the virtual universe—imagine saying that 40 years ago. Hence, virtual assistants and chatbots are taking over in a swift manner. All you have to do is go to a grocery store and you see virtual assistants that check out your groceries. Also, virtual assistants help you through the grocery experience, hence replacing the human factor. Not always a perfect solution. Why? Because many times, you will find yourself calling a human over to help you along because you get stuck with technology.

AI and machine learning the next wave

Another next wave in API and B2B integration is AI and machine learning are on the move. According to Scott Guenther’s article in, September 2018 “Artificial intelligence and machine learning will make integrations smarter.” It’s important to get with this important mmtechnology because they are part of the next level in digital transformation. Don’t be fooled into thinking this wave won’t continue. Digital transformation is always moving forward. Stay on top of technology and you won’t be left behind.

Lastly, another wave that is happening is that the cloud is not enough, today you must support multiple clouds. And Hybrid Integration technology can help you keep pace with on-premises, cloud, multi-cloud and hybrid. This HIP capability allows you to enforce policy across all your data and integrations in one central platform. This can make APIs and B2B integration a seamless process.

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