IDC DevOps conference wrap-up

IDC DevOps conference wrap-up

Back in September 2018, Axway took part in the IDC DevOps conference at the Inmarsat Conference Center in London for a compelling event. This was a great opportunity to network with industry leaders and learn more about many topics. The IDC DevOps conference event focuses on topics that are of great interest in the DevOps world.

“With over 50 years of experience in providing global, regional and local IT advisory services to businesses and governments on technology and line-of-business related issues in more than 110 countries,” IDC DevOps conference brings together an array of people to learn more.

IDC DevOps conference

IDC is quite far-reaching. The IDC DevOps conference covers many areas. They focus on areas from the government, financial services, health care, manufacturing and retail industries to name a few. IDC research covers more than 200 technology markets, from business analytics, cloud computing, enterprise mobility, sustainability, outsourcing, IT governance, data center, as well as social media.

IDC analysts are based in 54 offices around the world, covering over 110 countries, assisting IT organizations with innovation and optimizing IT operations.

Many topics to learn

Axway was on hand at the IDC event with a booth with three banners on topics such as APIs, AMPLIFY and Syncplicity. Axway went a step further and gave away a drone as a prize which was very popular with the crowd. Our roundtable discussion on “Why is agility important to an organization and how can DevOps accelerate the process?” was a great success. The discussion was led by Steve Whyte-Macpherson, Account Executive II and Andy Smith, Principal Pre-sales Architect II. It covered the following topics:

*Optimize process + tools–agile a given, build a foundation to let DevOps thrive
*Decompose and start the DevOps journey
*Use Agile/DevOps to break down barriers

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IDC DevOps conference was a wonderful opportunity to gain new insights. It was a great success. Further, many companies showed great interest in Axway, making it a wonderful networking event.

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