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Take a video tour of the Griffin App, a tool for returning to the office safely

video tour of the Griffin App

Welcome to the premiere episode of “Hey Axway!”, a fun new video series about the latest developments and discussions surrounding IT modernization. My first guest is Brenton House, the Head of Developer Relations at Axway.

In this guided video tour, Brenton gives us a deep dive into how the Axway Griffin app works. Come along for the ride and get immersed with the innovative Griffin App.

The premise

Axway has over 2,000 employees and 29 offices globally in 17 countries. To tackle the different government regulations, the Griffin App was born.

Handling regional guidelines is easy with the Griffin App. It’s designed with complex issues in mind to get Axway’s employees back to their offices safely.

The Griffin App is flexible to handle whatever country they are in.

-Brenton House 

With the Amplify platform, the Griffin App is now a reality. Brenton used APIs and Axway Titanium SDK to build the mobile app for iOS and Android. This is also integrated with other parts of the Amplify platform.

Starting point

As an employee, you just log in and select your office by city or country. This provides you with a regional-based overview of the governing rules in place for that specific area — it’s that easy.

The app also details how many people can come back to the office each day. This summarizes who will be in the office so you can make your plans accordingly.

You can also use the app to change the location and office when you are traveling to another Axway office. By selecting a different office, you get an idea of who will be in that office on the day you want to visit.

Scheduling time

The Griffin App also allows you to schedule week-by-week to see if you can go to the office on certain days to meet up with colleagues or attend meetings.

Additionally, the Griffin App supports data privacy rules in different countries. Another nifty element is that you can make yourself visible or nonvisible by updating the “Settings” feature.

The Griffin App is monitored by regional administrators who have first-hand knowledge of daily changes in regulatory status. Thanks to the Griffin App, you can see the capacity of the office to schedule your time efficiently.

Calendar view

You can also use the “Edit Schedule” feature. With a calendar view at your disposal, you can make changes as needed for better insights into who’s at the office.

If the office is at full capacity, you will see a red block.

You can also customize the app and change colors and themes for a more personalized feel. The Griffin App runs on both iOS and Android smartphones allowing you to have a better native experience. You also have a single sign-on for a better experience all around.

Amplify platform

In a matter of two weeks, the Amplify API Management Platform allowed the team to get the Griffin App up and running via APIs.

The source code is now out on GitHub for other companies to build their apps. Other companies can leverage our technology to get their employees back to work safely.

The Axway Griffin App is revolutionary and effective for getting all Griffins back to the work around the world.

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