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Mobile App Analytics to measure what matters

Mobile App Analytics

Do you know which part of the world your Mobile App customers are located in? Do you know if they like the UI? Do you know what user actions crash your app? Well, the big question is: How do you measure the success of your app? These questions do matter if you indeed care for the ROI of your mobile app. And you probably do not know the answers to these questions if you have not been using Mobile App Analytics in your Mobile Apps.
Mobile App Analytics
You can’t manage what you can’t measure. The ebook about the metrics for mobile apps talks about how difficult it is to guess and diagnose a poorly ranked app. The crudeness of the rating system in the app stores leaves most development teams blind when it comes to understanding the performance of their mobile apps. Ratings alone won’t deliver a true understanding of user preferences (or frustrations), or how the app is being used, or what is the best business decision for the next version.

Mobile App Analytics

Great apps require more than just a pretty face. In fact, to win the mobile economy, we need a new breed of analytics, one that harvests leading indicators of app usage and behavior to drive superb experiences and ongoing improvement.

Mobile analytics is not only critical for continuous improvement of the app itself but to achieve higher levels of user engagement and app performance as per the Gartner report.

A good mobile app analytics tool spanning operational and behavioral data allows mobile application development leaders to better measure their success and refine their mobile app deployments. This is definitely a must-have set of features of a mobile app dev solution.
After a successful launch of your mobile app, collecting and analyzing all different types of data will be a mandatory step of your mobile app lifecycle. The analytics will highlight new capabilities to add and problems to be addressed. As the information is gathered and synthesized, prioritization changes and any new items can be incorporated into the backlog for development to pick up.

The market for mobile app analytics is evolving quickly, so when you decide to evaluate the tools, look for a solution with powerful mobile analytics dashboards that has the depth and breadth of offering. Check out our video.