JSON And CSV Files For The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Codes

NAICS CodesWe have been stockpiling JSON and CSV datasets for some of the most common parameter values we come across when querying the APIs we are profiling and targeting as part of our work. Sometimes there is significantly more data available within an API when you know just the right set of values to pass in. These parameters, or enumerated values often get taken for granted by API providers, but when you are a consumer looking to put an API to work, these values become extremely important. This is why we are regularly working to publish these valuable data sets here on the blog, and eventually make a default part of how the API Gallery works. This week we found ourselves working with a variety of industry related APIs and data sets, and needed to have a current set of codes for the North American Industry Classification System, often referred to as NAICS codes. So we got to work downloading the latest set from NAICS, and published their spreadsheet as a JSON file:

You can find a direct link to the NAICS JSON file here, as well as the NAICS CSV file we originally converted into the JSON one. Providing two pretty fundamental machine-readable results that can be used to make API calls, and as a filter when creating topical streams of data for specific industry based upon standardized codes. As we are working our way through the different APIs in our work on the API Gallery, we are actively identifying any API parameter that accepts NAICS codes, so that we can build collections of APIs that return industry related data, based upon standards like NAICs.

We are finding standard data sets like stock tickers, cities, and NAIC industry codes are essential to developing meaningful streams of data using APIs. The design of common web APIs don’t always reflect all of the data they contain, but when you have a robust set of parameters to search, filter, and turn into topical streams, most APIs immediately become much more valuable. We’ll keep publishing these common data sets here on the blog, and eventually publish to a section of the API Gallery, providing a common set of data that can be used to mine, uncover, and publish every day APIs as real-time streams using our services.

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