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Demonstrating the value of APIs with an IoT use case

APIs with an IoT use case

Bringing value to APIs and technology advances is what Axway is all about. To that end, Axway organized a seminar at the Axway Paris office to expand and accelerate the business unit for onboarding the enterprise. The discussion centered on how to allow the business unit to talk to each other for better collaboration.

In this seminar, we invited one of our customers to share their significant experience of APIs, as well as to highlight the value of reuse and collaboration between business units.

Bringing value to APIs and technology advances is what Axway is all about.

This seminar helped business units better collaborate with each other and start thinking about how to better come together as a more cohesive entity.

How the Griffin Lab worked with the head of enterprise architecture to show the value of APIs with an IoT use case

We were looking to enable executives on the value of APIs, faster time to product, and innovation. We worked with our sponsors on a prototype based on an IoT use case to optimize the route across a fleet of 1,000+ trucks that oversee B2B logistics activities.

This is interesting because most of their operating costs are in the trucks’ route management. The Griffin Lab prototyped the use case and went over the basic requirement to do an integration with Alexa thanks to APIs.

Further, with SMS notifications, they also created a mobile app that allowed the customers to track where the truck’s location.

Demonstrating the speed of innovation with APIs

The prototype was presented by one of our sponsors in front of its executive committee. It established the value of APIs. The executive committee witnessed that it took five days to create a new innovative service because it relies on APIs.

The value of the seminar

The purpose of the seminar was to bring value to the organization. The starting point was that our sponsors were facing silos within their organization. Since the business is local, the Business Units do not collaborate as an ecosystem within the company. This makes the value they can expect from API reuse unreachable.

With the seminar in place, Axway was able to bring together a different part of the organization to collaborate more effectively. The agenda started with a presentation of their corporate ambitions, API strategy, and business objectives.

Then, Axway presented its own vision of integration and market evolution. We invited an Axway API customer operating in the utility market so this customer could share a three-year lesson learned along with their API journey.

The value that businesses get from this journey, and what they discover from a lack of collaboration internally, this seminar brings value to the customer for better utilization across their company. This element highlighted the importance of collaboration internally to leverage APIs.

We ended the seminar with a demo of the prototype presented by the sponsor himself. From this point, we left them for an internal debrief for an hour.

At the end of the day, the seminar brought together the idea and visibility that collaboration with APIs brings an organization exceptional value for digital transformation.

This seminar is just one out of many types of deliveries that Axway provides, bringing insights and usefulness to an organization. The prototype created alongside the Axway Griffin Lab — and with trust, this collaboration brings with the seminar’s sponsor—promises to provide confidence and future growth for any enterprise.

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