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Digital Transformation

Ways of Working in an “Open Everything” World

Is your organization still trying to open up digital capabilities with a closed organization mentality and culture? If so, I feel your frustration! Opening your...

What Is Product Thinking?

Product Thinking comes down to problem-solving. Designers need to use Product Thinking in terms of products first and features second. When it comes to finding...
digital mindset

The Digital Mindset

The way we collaborate and interact with each other has substantially changed. Welcome to a series of blogs that explore the traits and tools...

From Open Banking to Open Everything

The banking industry is undergoing a remarkable transformation. As technology continues to offer new and innovative ways to provide financial services, what it means...
Axway enterprise integration platform survey

Are your scorecards aligning or diverging for digital transformation?

Know the old saying that "What gets measured gets improved?" It has never been truer than today. Our Axway enterprise integration platform survey gives...
Architecture vision to action

Architecture: From Vision to Action

In the process of forming a new Architecture Group at Axway, I found myself explaining how this function fits into the overall R&D process...
Open Everything

It’s time to Open Everything

So much of our lives are different today than they were in January. Remember those days? Jumping into an elevator, into the back of...
fallacy of a one-stop-shop

Business and technology: The fallacy of the one-stop-shop

We are using an increasing number of tools that all do one thing extremely well – and the mix looks different for every team,...
Whos's driving transformation?

Who is driving your transformation?

Six months ago, if you had asked, “Who is driving your digital transformation?” the response would have been entirely different from today. Now, the...
CSOS: A business case for APIs and Microservices

CSOS: A Business Case for APIs and Microservices

To the detriment of those around me, I often point out technology failures. Quite often, those failures relate to the inability to easily "break...

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