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You Cannot Just Throw Your Data into a Blender but Your IT Can Support...

As we all know data is everywhere. We all have our secret ways of storing our data and using our data. I remember having...
Scalable hackathon model

Building Together: Scalable Hackathon Model

One of my old high school friends became a dietitian during college. After she graduated, she joined the military and served many...

Getting Unstuck in Sticky Times

One of the biggest questions I get from decision-makers these days is whether they should wait until the dust settles to start any new...
mr open banking

Presenting Mr. Open Banking – Meet Eyal Sivan

The following article is an adapted transcript of the trailer for the soon to be released Mr. Open Banking podcast. The audio version is available here.  What...
Future of IT LA conferencevideo

Future IT LA: Digital innovation stories from IT leaders

On March 12, 2020, Axway sponsored IDG's Future of IT LA conference in Huntington Beach, CA. IDG brought together local businesses, organizations and agencies...
AI and machine learning

Still skeptical about AI and machine learning? It’s time to BELIEVE

For 2020, your company is thinking “We are on our way to level up our business. Competition is incredibly fierce and we need something...
APRA, ADIs and Banking

Show me the money, Mate!

In banking parlance, you probably have heard the words ‘clearing’ and ‘settlement’ – especially in the context of payments. Simply put, it denotes the...
What's omniexperience

What’s omniexperience? Hint: It’s not about you!

What's omniexperience? An omnichannel strategy harmonizes the customer’s path into your organization. It’s about unifying the customer’s experience within your organization’s processes (often a...
AI adoption

Learn how to overcome barriers to AI adoption

AI (read TechTarget’s definition of Artificial Intelligence) has become one of the hottest technologies out there, but some companies are still ambivalent about AI...
digital transformation for the future

Why you need digital transformation for the future

Digital transformation for the future is necessary if you want to stay competitive. Your company simply can’t compete on a global scale if it’s...

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