Titans Reboot: Long Live the Titans!

Titans 2.0

tl;dr We’re rebooting our Titans developer program. Interested? Let us know your work here!

Five years ago, we introduced the Titans program to recognize and foster leaders in the dev community – those most active in spreading the word, guiding new developers and working with us to make the product better and the community stronger. Plenty has changed since then. We’ve created the Appcelerator Platform and Arrow, we’ve become part of Axway, and most recently, launched Hyperloop. With this evolution, we want to reboot the Titans program…

More than a label

Titans are experienced developers and contributors, with a good sense of what devs want and need, and the expertise to match those needs to Appcelerator capabilities– or to help flag to us the gaps.

You’re the expert in your region. You understand the culture, the needs, and the best ways to communicate about the Appcelerator Platform, the Titanium SDK, Arrow, and mobile development in your area. You help connect different people with different interests and skills to solve problems.

What’s involved?

Different folks bring different strengths. In general though, Titans are:

  • Engaged on TiSlack, Stack Overflow and social media to help developers
  • Creators and collaborators on open-source code examples and native & Hyperloop modules
  • Contributors to developer tips and posts to the Appcelerator blog
  • Organizers of local meetups and speak at events
  • Connected to other Titans near you.

Basically, Titans are a positive force for devs– helping people who ask, and advocating for developer interests and needs at Appcelerator.

Do I get any swag?

We’ll do you one (or two) better. Those selected for the Titans program get:

  • A free Team Bundle (includes a Pro seat license and Arrow capacity), reviewed and renewed annually;
  • Promotion through the Appcelerator website and blog;
  • Sponsorship for speaking at developer events;
  • Budgets for running events (pizza, beer, etc.);
  • Appcelerator swag (yes);
  • Private communication channels with fellow Titans to discuss the Platform with the Appcelerator R&D;
  • Early access to new projects and initiatives;
  • Increased experience with the Appcelerator Platform, open source and community-driven marketing;
  • Opportunity to create a name for yourself and network with a world-class team who put together and run the most cutting-edge mobile platform and community out there 😉

We’ll be kicking off the new program soon – call it “Titans 2.0”. We’ll start small and scale it from there. If you’re interested, let us know your experience and skills here.


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