Breaking the Build! Episode 01: Tabs vs Spaces

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😳 Tabs vs Spaces – What do you do about coding style preferences?? In this episode, we take a lighter look at coding style while making some serious suggestions to help you and your team!

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This show was created by the Axway Developer Relations Team and many others at Axway!

💻 Code

Installing eslint

This installs an eslint – an essential tool for “linting” your JavaScript code

npm install eslint

Installing @geek/eslint-config

This installs an eslint configuration to use with Node.js development

npm install @geek/eslint-config

Installing @titanium/eslint-config

This installs an eslint configuration to use with Axway Titanium native mobile app development

npm install @titanium/eslint-config

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  • Executive Producer: Todd Holbrook
  • Marketing and Communications: Erin Bailey
  • Host / DevRel: Brenton House

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