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Catalyst: Ecosystems & Collaboration | Innovation | Marketing & Events - As part of the Catalyst Team, Uli helps customers solve tricky engineering problems and build prototypes around API-driven innovation, application & data integration. Looking at things from a Developer Advocate perspective, he’s also looking at building ecosystems across departments and organizational boundaries and achieving product adoption in the market.  
digital mindset

The Digital Mindset

The way we collaborate and interact with each other has substantially changed. Welcome to a series of blogs that explore the traits and tools...
fallacy of a one-stop-shop

Business and technology: The fallacy of the one-stop-shop

We are using an increasing number of tools that all do one thing extremely well – and the mix looks different for every team,...
Racing team working at pit stop

Microservices: Build for speed, design for change

In a world made of software, it’s no longer just an IT decision on how we build applications. Let’s talk about how a modular...

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