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Presales Solutions Architect - Enthusiastic Sales Engineer with over 20 years of experience selling computer security products that provide Encryption, Data Loss Prevention, User Authentication, and Access Controls. Familiarity with many different types of solutions that help organizations secure their enterprise internally and externally; whether it be e-mail, cloud-based security, web server security, database security, or encryption. Prior to becoming a Sales Engineer I spent many years supporting the Department of State as a contractor doing Logistics, System Administration, and Certification, and Accreditation.

You Cannot Just Throw Your Data into a Blender but Your IT Can Support...

As we all know data is everywhere. We all have our secret ways of storing our data and using our data. I remember having...
Device Certificates

Device Certificates using X509 v3 PKI

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) has been around for a long time and I have been supporting PKI software from a pre-sale’s perspective for over...

HSPD-12 PIV and Axway Validation

PKI, OCSP/SCVP, CRLDP, DVS, DVE, SV, CA, VA (Validation Authority Suite), HSPD-12, PIV, DHS, DOD, GSA, DOS, TMWD, AXWAY, GSA SSP, OK… If you...
two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication and smart cards for the DOD

From not so long ago, as shown in Peter Steiner's cartoon, as published in The New Yorker.  One dog to another, “On the Internet,...

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