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Reis Barnfield

Product and Solutions Marketing Manager, Event-Driven Architecture and Microservices,Reis has vast experience in sales which is focused event-driven architecture and microservices, file sharing and collaboration, content services, and providing value to customers by solving business issues that organizations face daily.
Axway Amplify Streams

Is your organization event-enabled?

In the center of consumers, organizations and applications are crucial, valuable data that is expected to be fresh, relevant, and delivered at lightning-fast speeds. Real-time...

The new normal: multi-dimensional solutions for sharing and collaboration

Over a year ago, we talked a lot about how content is evolving. Specifically, we presented trends in digital file and data sharing, consumer expectations,...

Syncplicity bulk downloading saves valuable time

For years, Syncplicity users have been able to share and receive folders with an unlimited number of files inside each folder. At the core of...
Syncplicity for Android mobile application

New Release: Syncplicity mobile app for Android (version 4.9)

As part of the regular Syncplicity releases, we are excited to announce the Android mobile application’s latest Syncplicity release. Syncplicity for Android mobile application This new...
Syncplicity for Mac 6.2

Lock and unlock your files with Syncplicity for Mac 6.2

File locking now available When installed on a Mac or PC, Syncplicity allows its users to share, collaborate, edit, and sync files directly from their...

Introducing our New Cloud CRM Integration for Salesforce

Like many departments, sales teams handle large amounts of content every day, from contracts to account plans, sales decks, datasheets and more. Since success...

Sharing and collaborating for remote Syncplicity users: Four ideas to keep you going

Due to recent worldwide events, several companies are looking to minimize the impact of their closing offices while their workforce does remote work. For...

New experience for Syncplicity for Mac

If you’re already a Syncplicity user, then you know that the Syncplicity desktop application allows you to share, collaborate, and sync files right from...
Syncplicity Rights Management

Protecting sensitive content—Syncplicity Rights Management

Companies collaborating with, handling, and sharing sensitive content need to ensure that content is not only protected but also secure from unauthorized access. More...
External Sharing and Collaboration Made Easy with Syncplicity

External Sharing and Collaboration Made Easy with Syncplicity

No matter your role, whether you’re in sales or human resources, external sharing and collaboration is a component of your work. In some cases,...

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