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Product Marketing, Architect, Pre-sale, Sale on IT infrastructure solutions - Jean-Claude Bellando has been working in the middleware industry since 1990 when he created the start-up API-Link. His experience covers various fields: creation of start-ups, product management (service-oriented middleware design, product roadmap development), product marketing (support for product launches and sales forces), middleware sales to key accounts. He is currently Marketing Product Manager for Axway's Accounting Integration Suite. In this capacity, he is a regular speaker at round tables, conferences and in the blogosphere.
data lake file transfer

The Data Lake: Putting it to work with MFT

Storing, querying and managing large masses of unstructured data are how many businesses operate today. The term “Big Data” has morphed and evolved to...
mft needs api

MFT needs API

In large organization’s journey to digital, Managed File Transfer (MFT) owners are often left behind because they are not able to deal with new...
GDPR and IT Shadow

GDPR overexposes shadow IT

Cloud computing paves the way for shadow IT Shadow IT is described as IT solutions used within a company without organizational approval. It’s the IT...

Boost your IT modernization with File Transfer solution

Does your existing file transfer infrastructure support all critical interactions in your organizations and your business partner? And what about your customer transactions involving...
GDPR overexposes Shadow IT

GDPR overexposes Shadow IT

Cloud computing paves the way for Shadow IT Shadow IT is described as IT solutions used within a company without organizational approval. It’s the IT...

GDPR regulation, handle with care

GDPR is an important regulation but as I have stated in earlier posts, even if the EU is encouraging compliance, there are no norms,...

Hello GDPR! What’s up?

What is new with GDPR? The regulation applies to any organization processing personal data, of a natural person who is in the European Union...

API needs Managed File Transfer

API needs Managed File Transfer and fuels Customer Experience Networks Large enterprises are now focused on creating efficient customer experience networks (CXN) to capture new...

Knock, knock. Who’s there? GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

GDPR who? GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) problem to solve. Maybe you've never heard of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) until today. It definitely will...

Is your mft:ready for DevOps?

Large corporations around the world currently face digital business challenges. In order to remain relevant in this new norm, they have no choice but...

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