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Emmanuel Methivier

Axway Catalyst, Business Program Director, vast experience working in the banking industry. Skilled in Innovation Management, Bitcoin, Enterprise Architecture, Agile Methodologies, and Application Programming Interfaces.  
providential structure of blockchain

Is blockchain the “World Trade Organization” of digital business platforms?

We've been writing several blog posts about the API-First, open everything, and platforming vision. What is clear is the new digital paradigm. In the short...
What if blockchain was the future of business platforms

What if blockchain was the future of business platforms?

Today, we observe the increasing digitization of society, the desire to reduce the environmental footprint of human activities, and the need to adapt the...
PSD2 from compliance to acceleration

How Axway turns PSD2 from compliance to acceleration

Axway turns PSD2 from compliance to acceleration by moving a vision of PSD2 fulfillment to the concept of open banking. PSD2 is only the...
energy and innovation

Open Everything: What place is there for energy players?

In recent years, energy has been at the center of debates around social responsibility, but it has also become a major line of reflection...

PSD2 — the electroshock and aftermath [French translation provided]

In the last years, PSD2 has been a violent electroshock for financial institutions. Banking institutions did not see it as a viable opportunity! A large...
benefits of open banking for customers

What are the benefits of open banking to customers?

There are many benefits of open banking for customers, including openness to innovative services. Structurally, it is difficult for banks to be innovative because they...

Transhumanism: The Next API Will Be Human

Save this date in your calendars: on August 28, 2020, Elon Musk will give a press conference to present Neuralink's latest developments. This announcement takes...

Everything you need to know about PSD2

Based on an EU directive administered by the European Commission, PSD2 (second Revised Payment Services Directive) regulates payment and service providers all over the European Union (EU)...

Open Banking — go forth and platformize!

In our previous articles on the subject of platforming, we made a commitment that we would discuss the situation of the banks. Between the regulatory...

Automotive: A digital platform on four wheels

In our major investigation on the platformization of business lines, let's look at the automotive sector this week. Largely shaken by the global lockdown,...

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