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Principal Architect – With more than 20 years of experience in the tech industry, Darren Mason is a computer and software enthusiast with a background in graphic design and software development. He is skilled in mobile app dev and web development and is currently focusing on API management and development. Darren is an all around nerd and animal lover.
interactive video kiosks

Creating Interactive Video Kiosks

Interactive video kiosks are a cool way to synchronize your message across multiple devices to individuals. It can sound complicated, but it's really an...
custom badge pins

The road to the Axway 2020 Sales Kickoff Pin

Electronic badges have been gaining popularity for the last few years at conferences like Defcon and Hackaday's Superconference, taking badge making to new heights. I...
Link Gitlab and Microsoft Teams

Using Connectors to link Gitlab and Microsoft Teams

Often when developing, I need to know who's checking in what code and what changes are being made. At Axway, we use Microsoft Teams...

Creating Custom Connectors with AMPLIFY, Part 4: Creating a Flow Template

Thanks to our team of integration specialists who created a helpful video series to teach developers what it takes to create and launch custom...
Defcon 27 A Retrospective – Security in the Cloud

Security in the Cloud: Defcon 27 – A Retrospective

Thousands of security professionals descend upon Las Vegas every year to take part in a series of conferences known as Hacker Summer Camp (Black...

Over-Engineering Trivial Tasks Using AMPLIFY API Builder and Amazon Alexa

Are you like me and tired of doing anything with your hands? I mean that’s so 2015. Since the advent of Amazon’s Alexa (echo)...

Add AMPLIFY Appcelerator Services to your Swift App

The following are the step-by-step instructions for how to install the AMPLIFY Appcelerator Services SDK for this native Swift (4) Xcode project. Once installed,...

Using ES6+ in a Titanium App

Starting with Titanium SDK 6.1.0, Axway Appcelerator started supporting ES6+. But you may be asking yourself, how do I use ES6+ with Titanium? So...

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