New Release: Syncplicity mobile app for Android (version 4.9)

Syncplicity for Android mobile application

As part of the regular Syncplicity releases, we are excited to announce the Android mobile application’s latest Syncplicity release.

Syncplicity for Android mobile application

This new version (v4.9) includes several new usability enhancements improving functionality for end-users.

More familiar, updated appearance

End users who have updated their Syncplicity for Android mobile application to version 4.9 should immediately notice a new application color theme similar to the color theme they experience on web and desktop applications.

While not a significant enhancement, those familiar with the icons and functionality online and on desktop applications should feel more “at home” with version 4.9, especially with updated folder icons.

A new experience for sharing links, more locked file information

Users may also notice that they can share files with the “Share link” option with fewer steps than before, saving time while sharing from the Android mobile application.

The highly interactive and modernized interface provides a better, more convenient experience to end users by keeping most of the steps consolidated into a single page.

Additionally, if a user navigates to a locked file, more information will be provided in version 4.9 than before.

After tapping on a locked file, users will be able to not only see that the file is locked but by who and what time the file will be unlocked.

Stream video files from Syncplicity for Android

A welcome update that will please many users is the ability to now be able to stream video files.

In earlier versions of Syncplicity for Android, users were required to download video files to watch them.

That workflow could prove lengthy, mostly if a user wanted a different file than the one they’d just downloaded and had to keep searching for the correct video.

With the latest release, Syncplicity for Android supports streaming video file types of MP4, MOV, WEBM, MKV, and 3GP. Discover another announcement here.

By default, those file types will begin streaming upon being selected. If users want to download the video, they can mark the file as “Offline.”

While streaming, users will also be able to pause, skip, or recall footage within the file.

Save your search in v4.9

Search for files and folders was introduced last year on Syncplicity for Android in version 4.8.

If there was a file or folder that a user needed to recall on their mobile application often, they were required to complete a new search for it every time.

In this most recent release, users can save their search to come back later and recall files or folders falling within that search criteria.

The latest release of Syncplicity for Android also includes:

  • improvements to the native document editor,
  • security improvements, and
  • support for Android 11.

Full release documentation can be found along with updates to all platforms online here.