New Syncplicity by Axway Add-in: Microsoft integrations increase business productivity

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There is no way to sugar coat it–sending large attachments through Outlook is filled with friction. Most organizations have file-size limitations on e-mail attachments, which hinders business productivity. Furthermore, there are significant storage infrastructure costs for enterprises given the fact that the average worker receives on average 70 e-mails per day and 24% have attachments that are on average 800KB in size. Organizations not only need a solution to this problem but also need a solution that is deployable, manageable and usable to drive business value.

Syncplicity by Axway Add-in

Syncplicity by Axway is excited to announce the Syncplicity by Axway Add-in for Outlook, which will be generally available on May 31,2015. The Add-in allows users to securely and easily send files and folders of any size directly from Outlook without changing the way they work, thus removing one of the biggest barriers to productivity in the enterprise today.

Syncplicity by Axway Add-in for Outlook makes it easy for users to send content from a number of different sources. They can upload content from their desktop, as well as cloud content from their Syncplicity by Axway account. Once content is “attached,” the e-mail is delivered with a Syncplicity by Axway shared link to the file or folder.

Content can either be downloaded directly or downloaded after authentication depending on the security parameters set by the user or IT. Additional security controls and policies can be applied to attachments sent via the Syncplicity by Axway Add-in for Outlook such as setting file expiry, attachment file size and rights management controls.

Creating a better experience

The Syncplicity by Axway Add-in for Microsoft Outlook isn’t just great for end-users trying to send large files (PowerPoints, video files, spreadsheets, and etc), but also helps organizations dramatically reduce the storage infrastructure costs associated with email attachments. E-mail systems add a 33% overhead for every attachment–thus a 10GB attachment becomes 13.3GB, and since there are four copies for each attachment, a single large file can take up 53.2 GB – creating huge storage costs for the enterprise.

In contrast, since Syncplicity by Axway provides global file de-duplication, only a single copy of a file exists in the system, no matter how many times and how many people send the same content via the Syncplicity by Axway Add-in for Outlook.

Unlike others in the market, our Outlook Add-in solution combines the ease of deployment and management for IT with group-based policies, robust security controls like password-protected links and link expiration, and a frictionless user experience with no size limits on files and folders –all at the same time.

In addition to the Outlook Add-in, our new Syncplicity by Axway iOS app integrates with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel apps for iOS. This integration allows users to access Syncplicity by Axway files from within Microsoft Office apps and save them back into Syncplicity by Axway. IT administrators can still use “open-in” restriction policies at a group level to prevent any data leakage from Syncplicity by Axway’s secure containers.


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