Goodbye, my friend, but thank goodness for Syncplicity


Let me just preface my story with “this might be weird.”  This weekend, I was cleaning my office and I accidentally knocked over a very tall cup, if you’ve seen the Jamba Juice cup they sell, you’ll know the one, it spilled out water mixed with electrolytes. And, some of the water landed on my older Mac laptop, the one that I have had for years.  In fact, I use it a lot for work, because it’s like my old jeans … it has been with me through acquisitions, new projects – it’s been steady and well, mine.

My heart broke!

My heart broke!  I did not want to give up my old reliable laptop and move to my new fancy one, it felt a little sad. Well, today I had to give him/her up. She/he lies at my feet as I will her/him back to life. But, this is not the reason for the blog, a little ode to my friend, but really how I did not miss a beat when it came to working.  I wanted to tell my boss, sorry, today I can’t work – I have no access to my files. And, then I could have spent more time fanning my old friend, tucking him/her into the rice.

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But, nope, that will need to wait because all my files are right here on my new laptop. I backed-up my desktop, downloads so everything – even all that stuff I store (and I know I should not) on my desktop is available to me now. I know the feeling of losing media, I’ve broken my phone a few times recently – and lost photos, it’s gut-wrenching, but – I did not lose anything, but the items I did not save, so maybe I should now start working online – then it will all be saved, in real-time (which you can do with Syncplicity).

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Syncplicity to the rescue

I’ve heard this story from many people – but today, I felt the pain and the joy of not losing anything. This applies in so many use cases – laptop refreshes, lost or broken devices, or even Ransomware. When your files are tucked away safe and sound in Syncplicity, you are bound to win, even if you lose a little (like my old laptop).

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